Posted on 31st August 2022

Is Basement Waterproofing Worth the Cost?


It’s not every day that you wonder if something is happening to your basement. After all, for many, it’s just a place you might store some boxes or rarely used things. Or maybe you’ve turned it into a finished basement, such as a party room or a miniature movie theatre—in which case, everything looks great, safe, and comfortable. Why worry?

But even though your basement walls and floor are made of strong concrete, it can still succumb to the natural force that is water.

But maybe you’ve painted your basement walls with waterproofing paint already. Relatively inexpensive and easy to do by yourself. But waterproofing paint is only a temporary measure, and if your basement was already having moisture problems or groundwater intrusion, that waterproofing paint will not hold out. Instead, the source of the moisture or water problem must be dealt with. But if you’re wondering whether it’s worth going through all the time and money, let’s take a closer look at why basement waterproofing is well worth its cost…

A Wet Basement Brings More Than Just Water

Along with your basement floor and any stored belongings getting wet, that water and moisture can also lead to other problems if not addressed promptly. Repairing a wet basement can be a costly endeavor, especially if it is a finished basement. Moisture build-up in the basement can lead to a list of problems that can lead to more repair costs. Here are some of the most common problems that can come with a wet basement…

· Mold growth

· Wood rot

· Termites, dust mites, other pests

· Damage to finished basement flooring

Many of these problems can come to affect the rest of your home as well. Mold spores can lead to a musty smell spreading through your home. Excess moisture in the basement can be pulled up into your living spaces through the stack effect (or chimney effect), leading to your living spaces feeling humid and muggy. Those are just a couple examples.

Groundwater intrusion and invasive moisture tends to be caused by hydrostatic pressure created by water sitting against your basement walls. This immense pressure can even cause basement walls to bow or lean, creating cracks and harming structural stability. As you can imagine, this would mean even more repairs to be done.

Taking the steps to prevent a wet basement floor in the first place is more than just an investment into your home, it can save you from these other problems which would cost you extra to repair.

How Does Basement Waterproofing Work?

When it rains, water soaks into the soil and the water table begins to rise. As water comes to sit outside your basement wall and the water table reaches your foundation, hydrostatic pressure begins to build. An interior basement waterproofing system can help relieve your foundation of that pressure, ultimately protecting against all the problems that were discussed above.

An interior basement waterproofing system consists of at least these components…

· Drainage channels

· Sump pump

· Sump pit

· Discharge pipe

The drainage channels are installed along the perimeter of your basement, either resting on or beside the footer. That way, when water reaches your foundation, they will begin to flow into the drainage channels. The water is then guided towards the sump pit where a sump pump will push the water out of your home through the discharge pipe. The water will be pushed out to a location away from your home where it shouldn’t be able to reach your foundation again.

Without there being enough groundwater to create that hydrostatic pressure in the first place, your basement can remain safe and dry. That means no water and moisture in the basement—no wet basement problems! As you can see, basement waterproofing is certainly worth it in protecting your basement and the rest of your home.

Invest in the Right Basement Waterproofing Contractor

While basement waterproofing is worth the investment, the quality of that waterproofing is only going to be as good as the contractor your select. Be sure to do your research and find a contractor that offers a strong warranty to back their work, has many positive online reviews, and has decades of experience.