Posted on 26th April 2022

How to Prepare Your House Appliances for the Upcoming Summer

Summer Kitchen

The way we use appliances and even the kinds of appliances that we use tends to vary with the season. Certain appliances are used very regularly throughout the year, for instance, your cooker or your washing machine. Other appliances only make an appearance for a few months like that extra pedestal fan or the electric heater for those extra cold nights. 

However, all these appliances need to be properly maintained if you want to get the most out of them and if you want them to serve you for many years to come. Here are some useful tips to help you prepare your home appliances for the summer season ahead.


Washers And Dryer

Washers and dryers are used more extensively during the winter than they are in the summer because there are simply more layers of clothing that need to be washed and drying your clothes out on a line isn’t an option. For many people, dryers are also a summer appliance. While washing machines don’t need to be altered, you do need to modify your dryer settings to make them more effective and also a lot safer.

There have been many cases of dryers catching fire because they were turned up too high or the filters were blocked. Make sure you lower the settings on the dryer for the summertime and also remove any lint that might have filled up the filters in the machine. While you’re at it, also have a look at the watching machines’ filters and drains and service those if need be.



The latest air conditioners offer both heating and cooling. This saves people from having to buy heaters for the winter and also creates a safer environment since they don’t have to have an appliance indoors that gets very hot or has an open flame.

However, air conditioners function very differently when heating and cooling. As you transition to using your AC for cooling in the summer, it is a good idea to get aircon servicing to make sure everything is functional for cooling. Heating doesn’t require the compressor to use refrigerant gas, so you might turn on your AC on the cooling setting after the winter and find that you aren’t getting any cold air. An AC service will help clean out the system and also top up the refrigerant to get it to start cooling again.



Heat outside the home is a problem but heat inside the home is an even bigger problem. In the summertime make sure your kitchen ventilation is working properly to make sure you keep your home nice and cool. If you don’t already have kitchen ventilation, consider getting a cooktop hood to help remove the hot air from your cooking area. If you are using a gas cooker make sure you check all the gas connections beforehand to save yourself from any fire hazards.


Due to the heat and the higher temperature in your home, appliances need to work harder, especially items like fridges and freezers that are trying to keep things cool. Dust is one of the worst enemies of appliances and an excessive build-up of dust also causes appliances to heat up. While you might not have noticed it in the winter, in the summertime this could cause serious damage and even result in the appliance failing completely. Give everything a good clean and service any parts that you think need some special attention.