Many people today want to earn extra income to provide themselves with a trip or buy something they want. Here are some examples of how you can achieve this with the help of renting out property and always having money on the side for some things you can’t afford from your salary.

Renting an Apartment

One of the options where you don’t need to do anything and still earn money is renting out apartments. If you are lucky enough to have an apartment that you don’t need for living at the moment, you can rent it out. Renting out apartments is very profitable. If you do not want to sell it, do not allow the apartment to be empty, because an empty apartment deteriorates quickly. By renting out, you solve more problems; the bills are paid, the condo is maintained, and you also get a certain amount of money. Renting out apartments can be dangerous, and you need to be sure of who you rent to. You will also need to make a contract with the tenants to ensure that they will pay all the bills regularly. The cost of renting an apartment also varies depending on its location, layout, size, and if it is furnished.

Hire a Property Manager

Those who have attempted to manage a property themselves often find it easy to hire a professional rental property management company. A property manager is becoming a must and offers crucial advantages to owners of rental investment properties. While it may seem appealing to take on this chore yourself, it may quickly become quite time-consuming. If you are a property manager, then you know how important your contribution is, so it is important to dedicate yourself to advertising your services. Just as the folks at say, property owners and investors trust online reviews more and more as time goes on. In addition to assuring you that your property is being taken care of, a good property manager also provides several other advantages.

Renting a Garage

Real estate agencies say that because there is no depreciation, renting out garages is a safe business. The rent drips a little, but the landlord does not have a headache if the tenant caused the flood or if they destroyed the furniture.

While renting apartments implies renovation, investment, and repair of household appliances and furniture, when renting out garages, these items are excluded. Unlike apartments, whose purpose the owner must be familiar with, garages can be used for different purposes without restrictions, as long as the space is kept tidy.

Those who do not store their cars in garages use the space of about 16 square meters as a warehouse for goods, a master workshop, or a car wash.

In addition to issuing and selling standard garage facilities, there is interest in the market for prefabricated garages. Their issuance and installation are constantly increasing, and the advantage is easy dismantling and the possibility of transferring to another location. The assembly itself is simple because it consists of an average of ten elements. It can be placed on all types of surfaces (concrete, soil, and lawn) in an average of an hour and a half because it is not necessary to concrete the foundations.

Renting a House

If you have a house in the country or a smaller place, and you do not use it or you bought it to rent, then you have probably noticed how it would be a smart thing to do. What, however, is now a challenge – is furnishing the house. The competition is increasing, and the appetites/demands of tourists, both foreign and domestic, are also growing. Fast and stable internet, TV, fridge and stove, towels, and the like are no longer the only “details” that guests pay attention to.

Lately, there is almost no cottage for rent that does not have a barbecue, and a swimming pool is already a more expensive investment, but adding these options raises the price. You can eventually invest in a smaller pool for children, which always makes both parents and children happy.

Keep in mind that the person who rented your house for a few days not only wanted to change the place and cover the mileage but also didn’t want to sit “within 4 walls”. The advantage of houses in rural areas is that they have yards, mostly large enough for trees and flowers but also for activities such as barbecues, trampolines, even deckchairs, or a set for sitting (garden chairs and a table) and enjoying.

Do Not Rent Without a Deposit

The deposit is a type of financial insurance for the lessor in case something is damaged in the apartment. It can also be used to cover the bills that will come in the month after the tenant moves out. A deposit is usually taken in the amount of one month’s rent. It is a guarantee that you will find the property in the same condition as you left it. Keep in mind that this is the tenant’s money, and you must return it if you find everything in good order.

Also, be definite about the tenant’s changes during their stay (arrangement of furniture or some minor adaptations). The tenant will use whatever is at his disposal, but you must clearly define in the Tenancy Agreement what his powers are while he is in your space.

We hope we’ve helped you understand how easy it is to make money through renting and that, with a little effort, the results can be great. Good luck!