You’ve finally unpacked boxes and moved into your new house, but it still feels empty. Many new homeowners find that their previous furniture arrangements don’t work anymore. Read this guide to learn how to furnish your home for the first time and get the right pieces that work with your new living space.

It’s tempting to jump online and search for the best sales, but sporadic purchases could ruin your interior design. Use these tips to prioritize your needs and match them to a household style that fits your personality.


Start With Important Rooms

Think about how much time you spend in each room. Maybe you work from home in the living room or have a crafting space in your bedroom. The average American spends 37 minutes per day prepping food in the kitchen, but you might require even more time if you have a big family.

It’s best to furnish the most important rooms in your home first. The empty wall and floor space will bother you more if you have to stare at it all day.


Remember to Measure

Even if you fall in love with a specific piece of furniture or decor, remember to get the measurements. Compare the length of a table with where you’d put it or double-check that your future TV will fit into your entertainment center. Testing each item’s measurements ensures that you’ll choose the best decor for your home without having to return anything and waste time.


Make Each Room Flow

Cohesive interior design relaxes the eye and creates a welcoming environment. Whatever style you prefer should flow through each room with matching colors, patterns or textures. Add woven baskets to every room or metal accent pieces. Using smaller details to join every room also makes furnishing easier on a budget.


Pick Paint Colors Wisely

Accent walls and paint colors can work with or against your home’s vibe. Repainting your house is part of furnishing, so pick your paint colors wisely. Earth tones like browns and oranges stimulate conversation in the living room, but soft blues and creams will relax everyone when they return to their bedrooms for the night.

Bright, bold colors in the wrong place could add stress and anxiety to your home. Foster peace and happiness by researching paint colors before reaching for roller brushes.


Check Consignment Stores

Buying a new home and moving is expensive. You might not have the budget right now for the furnishings you’d like. Plenty of new homeowners check consignment stores for used or hardly used furniture at a fraction of the cost. Stop by donation stores in town to see what they offer. Larger stores often have larger pieces like table and bedroom sets for prices you wouldn’t find even during the year’s biggest sales.


Furnish Your Home With These Helpful Tips

Learning how to furnish your home for the first time doesn’t have to consist of trials and errors. Make every dollar count by using these tips to plan every step of the way. Consider paint colors, thrift stores and measurements to find the best pieces for your new home and personal style.