Posted on 19th February 2021

How to Easily Improve Your House Roof

House roof

The roof of your house is the first line of defense you have against the elements and any other threat from above you. The importance of the roof to the safety and health of your family cannot be understated.

Therefore, you need to take as good care of your roof as possible. There are times that only roof repair will be required but in other cases, a replacement will be necessary.

The best way to improve the roof of your house is to be constantly aware of any issues it has. The following tips should also help you improve the roof to a significant degree:


1. Regular Checks

First and foremost, if you want to easily improve your house roof then you will need to check it regularly. If you know the state of your roofing, then you know what needs to be improved.

If you have a ladder or an access point on the roof, use it to check your roof for any issues. Doing so at least once a month should be enough to ensure that the roof is in fantastic shape.

Therefore, have a day when you thoroughly check the roof for problems both from the inside and outside marked on your calendar. If you are not available, have a friend or relative check it.


2. Spray

Of all the places we clean in our houses, the roof is probably the last place you think of when cleaning. However, the roof is the part of the house that is exposed to the most dirt and debris of any part of the house.

At least once every six months, you should climb onto your roof using a ladder and spray it with a hose. You should ensure you do it from all four walls so that you don’t miss a thing.

A regular spray will ensure that most of the debris such as stones, branches, and other materials are cleared from the roof. It is especially important to remember to do it during the summer as it can be very dangerous to do so during winter.


3. Clean the Gutters

Every roofing expert will tell you that if you want to elongate the lifespan of the roof, you need to clean the gutters. They are a part of the roof that are especially susceptible to damage.

Clogged gutters are the most common source of roofing leaks according to this website. The reason is that uncleaned gutters lead to a build-up of water when it rains.

You should check your gutters for fallen branches, dried leaves, and even dead animals. Cleaning the gutters will also help you collect clean rainwater which can be very useful.


4. Ice Buildup

Just as debris and dirt build-up in the gutters when it is windy, ice tends to build upon the roof during winter when it snows. The build-up of ice is very dangerous to the roof.

Ice will build up in the membrane, shingles, and gutters of a roof. If the ice reaches the lining between the roof and the house, it will result in an interior drip.

Therefore, if you want to improve the roof of your house, you should ensure that there are proper ventilation and no ice build-up on the roof. You can do so by installing an ice shield or a drip edge.


5. Proper Ventilation and Insulation

If you want to improve your roof, then you have to improve the roof’s ventilation and insulation. There are plenty of benefits to doing so as well.

Proper ventilation of the roof allows cold air to enter the attic and also lets out warm air when it builds up in the house. On the other hand, insulation helps to retain the heat within when it is cold outside.

The combination of the proper ventilation and insulation prevents the accumulation of water which can damage your roof and result in rot, mold, or other structural issues.


6.  Improve the Materials

Most homeowners still have the same roof that they found when they moved into the house. Though, it might be in good shape, if you want to improve it then you should have better materials.

There are certain roofing materials that are more suitable to certain environments than others. For example, metal shingles might be great for temperate regions than clay shingles.

Moreover, the roofing materials used might have been subpar and cause issues with the roofing. By ensuring you use high-quality materials, you can vastly improve the state of your roof.

To conclude, ensuring that your roof is in the best condition possible is vital to you and your family’s safety and health. The above tips should help you improve your roof so that you no longer have to worry. The key to a great roof is constant vigilance.