Posted on 26th February 2021

How to Easily Find a Suitable Toilet for Your Bathroom

Bathroom interior

A few decades ago, you didn’t have to think twice when buying a toilet for your bathroom as they were all pretty much the same with very few differences. However, in this modern age, buying a toilet has become a difficult task as there are numerous options available with different features to consider. Your toilet is one of the most important fixtures in your house as it is used by all family members on a daily basis. In the following guide, we will help you to choose the right toilet that will fit well within your bathroom, interior, and budget.


The Right Fit

If you are buying a toilet, you should know the important measurements to select the appropriate one for your bathroom. You should measure the rough-in distance before you choose any type of toilet as it is the distance from the swear drain of your toilet to the bathroom wall. The distance is usually 12 inches in most bathrooms, however, it can range from 10 to 14 inches. If the distance is not 12 inches, you should search for a toilet designed specifically for the rough-in distance that you have. Toilets with elongated bowls are more comfortable, but if you’re tight in space in your bathroom, a round bowl toilet would be a better fit. Also, some toilets on the market are a couple of inches higher, making them suitable for tall people.


Choose a Style

There are several styles of toilets available and all of them have their pros and cons. In any case, you should choose the style you like and perfect for your needs. Some of these styles are as follows:

● Two-piece toilets: These are the most common styles in toilets. The tank is bolted on top of the bowl, and the pieces can be purchased together or separately. You can find the features you want easily with this style and it is more affordable.

● One-piece toilets: These types of toilets have their parts combined together including the lid. They cost more than the two-piece toilets, however, they’re easier to clean as they have no seams, and they don’t leak often.

● Wall-mounted toilets: These toilets are the most expensive of all as they look elegant, and you don’t need to worry about cleaning under them. The only thing you need to consider is getting regular maintenance as they get loose over time.


Flushing Method

Traditional toilets are known as gravity toilets, as the tank stores and releases water when flushed, letting gravity pull everything down into the bowl. Nowadays, there is a new method for flushing called pressure-assisted flushing. In this method, there is an inner tank inside the main tank filled with air to hold water under pressure. When you flush the toilet, the pressure makes water go down at a high speed. Pressure-assisted toilets use less water. However, they are noisier and more expensive than the traditional ones. You can check a dealership or a website to compare the flushing rating of the toilets you’re interested in. If you’re looking to save money on your water bill and reduce your water consumption, dual-flush option toilets can be your best choice. These models have 2 flush buttons, one that flushes 0.8 gallons of water, and another one that flushes 1.6 gallons. You need to keep in mind that these types clean less effectively than the standard-flush toilets.


Additional Features

If you still have some money in your budget, you can add some features to your toilet that will provide comfort, efficient hygiene, and convenience. If there’s no room for a bidet, you can customize the toilet seat to offer the bidet functions. The bidet features allow you to have better hygiene while reducing toilet paper waste. If you’re living in a place that has cold weather most of the year, invest in a heated seat, so you won’t dread going to the toilet when the seat is warmed up. There are also soft-closing toilet seats that prevent the noise from slamming the toilet seat, protect your fingers, and won’t be left up all the time. Other toilet seats can be removed from the toilet to clean them easily. There are endless features to choose from, so you have to look for what you would like to have in your toilet. Just always keep in mind that these features can be expensive to purchase or replace.

Buying a toilet for your bathroom is not a complicated process; however, investing some time researching and comparing different models before buying one can save you a small fortune in the long run. The toilet you choose will stay with you for years, and these tips will help you make the best possible decision. One last word to the wise, don’t opt for colored toilets unless you are sure that you will not be putting your home up for sale in the future as many prospective buyers won’t be impressed by colored toilets.