It seems that working from home is becoming a new norm. Before people used to pray or be blessed to work at home, it was certainly far from the usual work environment, but now, it’s much easier to do and it can be incredibly rewarding. Being able to wake up and know you don’t have to commute to the office is having plenty of benefits as well.

Parents are able to spend more time with kids, get chores done, and all that good housekeeping stuff, but the fact is that a good homework environment is something that needs to be curated. A good home office is something that will actually make the ability to work at home a more fruitful endeavor, so here are some tips on how to create that productive work environment.


Remove Distractions

The first step you need to take in making a productive work environment is making sure that there are no or little distractions to keep you from getting work done. The number one distraction you’ll find in any home office is your phone, which may be needed for work, but try to keep it in a drawer or out of reach. A TV can also be a big distraction. If you can find a way to effectively remove these two things from your home office, it’ll work out in your favor. Try to make it a nice quiet environment as well to stay focused.


Have the Right Supplies On Hand

You need plenty of office supplies throughout the day and it’s important that you have them on hand just to be safe so you won’t need to get up and go get them. Keep paper, pens, a stapler, a hole punch, paper clips, etc. in your desk and close at hand. Some people also need their coffee, so even coffee makers with grinders may seem like an unusual office supply to have handy in your work area, but it helps you from wandering around the house and getting bored and blowing off work. It prevents unnecessary snacking too which can get you distracted.


Create an Organization System

You also need your workspace to be neat and tidy. There is a lot of psychology that backs up the claims that a clean work environment is also more productive. The ability to have your space be free of clutter will allow you to focus. Keeping it clean is easy with filing cabinets, pen/pencil holders, envelope and paper racks, and anything else you would normally expect in an office. If you can implement as many space-saving and organizational tools around your home office, you won’t feel as bogged down mentally by a disheveled area. It’s a very important skill to stay organized when working at home.


Keep Your Office Separate From Your Personal Life

In a similar manner to being distraction-free in your home office, you need to separate what is your work area and what is your personal home area. Mixing the two together is another psychological problem as you start mixing both and it becomes a conflict of interest in your free time. This means not putting your home office in your living room or doing work in your bedroom, anywhere that has an already designated function. Keeping them separate is fundamental to getting work done and maintaining a designated productive space.


Use Ergonomic Office Equipment

Working is also a lot easier when you can manage your body at the same time. You will be expected to sit for a long time, depending on what you do, and this can be taxing on the body. An ergonomic office chair is a must-have for anyone that is worried about their back and their body, but you also want ergonomic mouse pads and keyboards for wrist support. The ability to keep your body happy will keep you plenty focused during your long day of work at home.


Add More Life to Your Work Space

To finish it off, you don’t want your office to be dull and lifeless, so a nice little spot of plants and foliage can help add some vibrant colors to keep it looking happy and positive. If possible, try to maximize the amount of natural light you get to so you can reap the benefits fully.

Turning your home into a working space is a lot easier when you can be sure that it’s going to be conducive to your productivity needs. If you follow this advice, you’ll be able to make your home office a much more efficient working area.