Posted on 1st September 2021

How to Build a Special Event Venue from Scratch

Wedding Venue

No matter what kind of space you have access to, building a special event venue out of your space can be rewarding, fun and challenging at times. There are so many reasons why someone might book a special event venue, from family reunions to parties, and of course, weddings! No matter where your space is located or what kind of space you want to create, building a special event venue from scratch is absolutely possible. Of course, every space is different, but you can use the unique qualities you have access to and Create the best venue possible. Here is how you can build a special event venue from scratch.


1.  Get Creative

Building a special event venue out of the space you have might be a logical step, but it might not always be! Certain spaces and venues might not be traditional venues for events, and that’s okay — in fact, it’s more than okay! It’s unique and creative! So many people are on the hunt for adventure venues, from log cabins to museums to host their events!


2.  Think About Your Demographic

While you don’t need to target specific types of events or people, having an idea in mind of who your venue will appeal to can help you tailor your event space to those who might seek you out.

Are you an upscale wedding venue for people who want to go all out? Or are you a relaxed retreat center with Zen energy and a rustic feel? These are important questions to ask as you consider what type of people you will likely welcome into your space.


3.  Get Specific

Just like getting creative with your space, it’s important to be specific about what your special event venue has to offer. There are so many different types of wedding and event venues — people are hosting their nuptials in libraries, museums and rooftops. Get specific and think outside the box.


4.  Think About Your Seasonal Options

Whether or not your venue is season-specific can be both an asset and a challenge. On one hand, you may end up with one particularly busy season, and on the other, you may be able to market your off-season with creative solutions at a discount, and still remain booked throughout the year. Consider the climate, transportation options and even details like natural light.


5.  Start Marketing

Marketing can take a variety of different forms. Once you’ve done your market research, the door is open for you to start advertising your services and booking clients. Think about options like hosting styled shoots, going to wedding fairs and building a robust social media presence.


6.  Highlight the Staff

Especially when it comes to high-end events or destination wedding venues, the staff truly makes the experience. Make sure that you hire detail-oriented, hard-working and personable staff. Train them well so that they know the ins and outs of the job, and make sure that you treat your employees well, so they stick around and offer consistency.


Building an Event Venue

There are so many different event venues out there, and you can definitely fill a niche within that market. No matter what specifics you have to offer, being creative, attentive and thoughtful will truly make all the difference.