Posted on 9th June 2022

How Much Will An Office Fit-Out Cost?

Office Renovation

The work environment should be a safe place where team members can fulfill their daily duties comfortably. Without a good workspace, employees are more likely to feel discouraged and unproductive.

So, it’s important to provide a space that meets your staff’s needs by getting an office fit-out. An office fit-out is a process of turning a bare space into an ideal workplace where everyone will feel motivated to complete their tasks and stay productive. 

The costs of an office fit-out will depend on your needs and budget. To determine how much it’ll cost, you’ll need to take account of the following factors:


1. Layout 

The layout of an office promotes a smooth workflow. You can search for some reputable companies that specialize in office layouts by checking out websites, like Once you have found some, you can ask for a quote and compare the prices. 

Meeting areas, breakout rooms, kitchens, workshops, and all other relevant spots that are part of the fit-out should be included in the quote. Take the size of the areas into consideration too. After all, size does matter. Bigger rooms are bound to be more expensive than smaller ones.

Decide on where and how the desks should be placed and be sure to add extra space for items, like dividers and furniture. Since each team member should have a comfortable space to work in, the layout should be planned well.


2. Hardware 

Each of the areas in an office will have hardware installed. Many businesses tend to overlook less important areas, such as the kitchen and break room, when it comes to factoring in hardware costs. Although these spaces may seem trivial in the grand scheme of things, costs do add up eventually.

Hence, forgetting minor elements on the list will affect the total costs of an office fit-out. You’ll need to include some things, such as a kettle, furniture pieces like tables and chairs, computers, printers, copiers, and other items that staff will need. These shared resources could cut some of the hardware costs of an open office.

After going over all the hardware each space needs, contact various suppliers for quotes on high-quality items. Even though high-quality items may be pricier, they’ll be worth it since you won’t have to replace them. 


3. Electrical Wiring and Other Connections

Once you have a layout and a list of hardware ready, you need to work on the connections that should be installed in the office. Office equipment requires electrical outlets, and computers need internet connections. Telephone lines are also necessary for planning the correct number of links.

These connections and links are part of the office fit-out costs. Technicians will have to install them in the office as per the plan. Electricians will supply the quote for electrical connections, and an IT hardware specialist can offer an estimated price of the computer-related links.

Thus, you’ll have to find reliable professionals for the job and request a quote from them. Then add all the prices to the total costs.


4. Branding and Décor 

To create an office space that you’re proud to call your own, you need to brand and design it. Branding and décor go hand in hand. 

Space branding is a strategy used to make a great first impression on job aspirants and reflect the essence of a company. A couple of branding ideas you can apply are painting the walls and investing in unique furniture. Go for monochromatic hues to make the space look sleek and modern or add a dash of creativity by adding wall décor with your company’s mission vision statements or inspiring phrases. If you want to achieve a bold look, select distinct furniture pieces, such as unconventional sofas or elaborately carved wooden chairs.

On the other hand, office décor embodies aesthetic and utility elements. How your office looks and the vibe it exudes can improve the mood of your staff and influence them to work efficiently. Styling the space with living plants, building communal areas where employees can interact with each other, and providing comfortable office chairs and large desks are examples of office décor you can incorporate. 

The costs of branding will differ from the costs of décor, so you’ll have to come up with a design first before requesting quotes. 


All Things Considered

Getting all the necessary quotes from professionals, such as technicians and suppliers, will give you a clear idea of the overall costs of an office fit-out. See if your budget will be enough to cover the costs and make adjustments if needed.