If you’re looking to add value to your property you may build an extension, fit a new roof, install a modern kitchen, or landscape your garden. Similarly, replacing tired, old windows can also dramatically increase a property’s worth.

Unkempt windows showing clear signs of wear and tear can be hugely detrimental to a property’s kerb appeal and could put potential buyers off.  The same applies to single-glazed windows and other outdated features. Not only do they spoil a building’s aesthetic and weaken security, but they are also poor insulators as more heat is lost through the glass than can be retained, resulting in higher energy bills.


Better Thermo-Efficiency

Replacing old windows with thermo-efficient double or triple-glazed windows or metal windows is an effective way to add value and make a home more sellable. Financial experts claim this long-term investment can increase the value of a home by up to 10% and make it more desirable to potential buyers.

These days, single glazing is associated with poor insulation and noise reduction. It’s not energy efficient and makes homes more expensive to heat. Not only that, buying a property with old windows comes with potential risks such as costly draughts, damaged seals, and weak security, any of which could scupper a sale.

The fact is that double or triple-glazing is considered essential in most homes. Properties with new windows are energy-efficient, weatherproof, and safer than those with single glazing, making them more desirable to buyers.  New windows can completely transform the look of a home, and buyers are more likely to invest in a property with newer windows as they won’t have to fork out to replace them themselves.


Stunning Aesthetic Benefits

As well as providing energy and security benefits, new windows can greatly enhance the appearance of a property. Double and triple-glazed windows are all available in a wide range of finishes that can add character to any home. From cottage bars and decorative glass to stylish window handles, the options are almost endless.

Homeowners may also consider sleek, double-glazed metal windows as an option when upgrading their old windows. Metal windows are A+10 rated and provide excellent thermal performance. They come in a variety of colours and designs are their slender appearance means you can create the look you want without compromising on energy efficiency and security. Metal windows are slim, durable, long-lasting and can also be recycled, further reducing your carbon footprint.


Improved EPC Performance

This also ties in with today’s Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) which all homes must have. The type of windows and glazing in a property has a direct effect on the overall score along with insulation and heating systems. Double and triple-glazing deliver superb energy efficiency, cut fuel bills, and reduce a person’s CO2 input.

Upgrading Older Windows with Newer Windows:

  • Is energy-efficient: According to the Energy Saving Trust, installing A+ rated doubled glazed windows in an entirely single glazed semi-detached, gas-heated property can save you around £195 a year and 330kg of carbon dioxide. It is also easier to maintain a comfortable temperature all year round in homes with double glazing and high levels of thermal insulation.
  • Increases security: Toughened glass, steel bolt locks, and excluder devices are fitted as standard with new windows. These features improve security around the home and dissuade intruders from attempting to enter. Not only does this provide homeowners with peace of mind, but it can also lower your home insurance premiums.
  • Reduces outside noise: Double or triple-glazing have far greater sound-proofing qualities than single glazing. This is particularly beneficial in cities and built-up areas where street noise and traffic can be a huge distraction and even keep you awake at night.
  • Enhances the look: New double or triple-glazed windows add elegance to any property and give it an attractive facelift that’s bound to win admiring looks from prospective buyers. New windows improve a property’s kerb appeal and improves your chances of a sale, so you can wave goodbye to the negative impression your old single-pane windows once gave.


While installing new double or triple-glazed windows will require initial investment, it should be a serious consideration if you want to add value to a property and make it more attractive to buyers. It shows interested parties that your home is energy-efficient, secure, noise protected, and that much more desirable to homebuyers in general.