Posted on 5th September 2019

How development is becoming eco-friendly

Solar paneled house

It would be a fair statement to make, that contractors and developers of new builds and renovations are focusing increasingly more on the eco-friendly aspect of the property. With a number of studies showing the increase in value of eco-friendly houses, consumers are beginning to question whether it’s worth the investment for their own home.

From large adaptions to the exterior, to small tweaks inside, these changes may reap big rewards for you in the future. Matthew Firth, the managing director at bespoke property developers Granville, outlines five ways you can make your home eco-friendly, in turn making the move towards a greener planet.

1.Solar panels

Perhaps the most popular and well-known element of eco-friendly homes is the attachment of solar panels. Whether they’re on a house’s roof or set up in the garden to collect the sun’s energy, solar panels are fantastic substitutes for using electricity, helping you save money in the long run.

While the initial outlay is expensive, the rewards are unlimited and being able to power your home only through solar panels creates a big attraction to your property.

2. LED lights

LED lights are becoming the go-to choice for all lighting, especially in homes. The main factor is that they use next-to-no energy, whilst proving the same power output. Although more expensive than every day light-bulbs, it won’t take long before you start saving on energy bills.

Using apps and voice-controlled systems to turn your lights on and off is also a useful and more desirable feature in the home. This encourages a more environmentally-conscious mindset when it comes to our energy consumption in the home and can help us reduce costs.

3. Rain water collectors

From a small water-butt to an underground system, despite coming with a wide range of price tags, rain water collectors can be incredibly beneficial and the perfect way to step into the eco-friendly process.

Smaller water-butts can be the ideal start for replacing your garden tap, using rain water as a supplement, in turn saving you money on your water bill.

4. Double-glazed windows

Now more of a standard addition to many homes, double-glazed windows have been at the forefront of economical improvements as they offer the ability to keep more heat in. Seen as the number one way of improving thermal insulation in the home, double glazed windows have become extremely accessible and are now standard inclusions to most homes, triple-glazed is also now an option.

However, it goes without saying that if your home’s windows do need some updating you should seek a professional to guide you through both the selection and installation.

5. Smart heating devices

Stepping into the world of ‘smart-homes’ can be overwhelming for some. However, smart heating devices such as smart thermostats are a helpful and cost-effective way of keeping on top of your heating bill. Rather than setting your heating to come on at a set time every day regardless of the current temperature, smart thermostats are controlled from you smartphone or other device. This means you can set your heating to come on at a specific temperature and at a specific time when you’re out and about.

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