Posted on 1st July 2021

Honoring Veterans Through Building a Lasting Memorial


The United States as we know it wouldn’t exist if it weren’t for the sacrifices of the brave men and women in our military. Sadly, these courageous souls too seldom receive the recognition they deserve when they return home.

You can do more by establishing a tribute to their service in your community. Here is your 4-step guide to honoring veterans through building a lasting memorial.


1. Design Your Memorial

This step is the most challenging part of your project — and the most creative. When designing your memorial, you have to ask yourself various questions to produce the result you desire:

  • What material will you use? Your memorial might take the form of a banner your city displays before holidays such as Memorial Day and Veteran’s Day. It could also consist of a massive stone structure reminiscent of the Vietnam Memorial in Washington, D.C. The hardier the material you choose, the more it will withstand the elements. However, you must also factor costs into the equation.
  • What size and shape will your memorial take? When budgeting for overall costs, the size and shape of your memorial will play a significant role. Larger and more elaborate carvings and structures will increase the price.
  • What symbolism will you include? If you intend to honor all service members, please ensure that you select insignia representative of each military branch.
  • How will you use color? Will you go for an all-over striking black, such as that used by the Vietnam Memorial? Or will you incorporate the red, white and blue?


Please don’t think you have to go through this process alone. It’s best if you rally community support to raise funds and interest in the project. Likewise, your vendor may be able to assist you with determining the ideal location for your memorial along with helping with the installation itself.


2. Talk with Your City Planners

If you intend for your memorial to be a permanent structure, coordinate with your city planners. This step is vital even if you plan to erect your tribute on private property. After all, people will want to come and pay homage, which will impact traffic patterns for those who live nearby.

You will need approval for any project intended for public grounds. When making your approach, prepare a written statement addressing the five Ws and how you intend to fund and complete your project. If you require additional funds or assistance, ask.


3. Find a Suitable Location

Ideally, you want to choose a location that’s highly visible to passersby and traffic to encourage people to pay homage at your memorial. The entrance of a public park might give you ample foot traffic if local authorities greenlight your project.


Another idea is to partner with a local business. Strike a deal where you maintain the memorial, giving them a break on landscaping fees while you benefit from the added traffic.


4. Raise Funding for Your Project

Unless you are a private philanthropist, you’ll need to raise money for your project. Amass your team of volunteers and design a strategy. Seek cost-effective methods, such as developing trust online and adopting a consistent message across all promotional materials. Encourage monthly giving for the ongoing upkeep of your project and thank your donors for their contributions.


Honor Veterans with a Lasting Memorial with These Tips

Veterans seldom get as much recognition as they deserve for putting their lives on the line to help others. Honor their sacrifice with a lasting memorial using the above tips.