Travelling, whether it is for business or leisure purposes, can be an opportunity to discover new and interesting places. But what every destination has in common is the unique option of accommodation, especially for business travellers – who may regularly be seeing the inside of a different hotel room.  

But unlike the excitement of your all-inclusive holiday hotel, or the hostel you might check into with like-minded travellers, business travel can see you away from your home for extended periods of time, without those creature comforts that remind you of the home you will be returning to.  

The feeling of never being truly settled can be a common one amongst those who travel frequently for business, but according to Berkshire-based serviced apartment providers, Berkshire Rooms, serviced accommodation can provide the perfect home away from home for those looking to take the homesickness out of their travelling.   

This article explores the reasons why a serviced apartment could be the ideal option if you are looking for a place that gives you a sense of home while you’re away. 

What Serviced Apartments Offer 

The world of business travelling is one that is constantly on the move, sometimes people can be on a trip for less than a week, or their stay is an extended one that can last weeks, or even months. Serviced apartments are ideal for such scenarios, as they are available for both extended stays and short-term lets.  

The specifics that are on offer will vary depending on the serviced apartment providers, but accommodations aim to provide one key detail that will leave any traveller at ease – flexibility. There are no strict check-in or check-out times that could have you panicking if there are any unexpected delays – which when travelling can be quite common.  


Quite simply, you can find the comfort in a serviced apartment that you may not be guaranteed from a hotel room. The comfort aspect is what can turn a simple room into the home-from-home you’re looking for. In contrast to busy hotel corridors, you don’t need to worry about the footsteps of fellow guests waking you up after a long day of travelling. Having a safe and comfortable place to unwind for the entire length of your stay will take the stress away and leave you feeling like you’re sitting in your own living room.  

Serviced accommodation also provides a greater space for its customers, making it a perfect space on days when you don’t need to commute or when you’re in need of a private area to work in peace. The apartments are often fully furnished for their customers so that each aspect of the stay makes you feel at home – each element, whether it’s a frequent housekeeping or high-speed internet is set up to make people’s stay as comfortable and easy as possible.  


Business travel is unpredictable, delays and disruptions to your commute can be relentless after a long day at work. The last thing you need is the impersonal feeling of a hotel lobby and the busy movements of fellow guests.  

Serviced apartments also have less turnaround of guests and with people moving in and out less often, people will become your neighbours rather than just strangers staying next door. The home-from-home atmosphere is something that business travellers crave, but this can be created by having experiences that make you feel like you’re walking back into a space that feels personal. It is just one of the reasons that 89% of corporate lets foresee longer stays or expect them to remain consistent in 2024. 


Commuting can often be the worst part of your daily travel, disruptions or traffic can turn a quick 20-minute car drive or an hour-long train journey into the thing that ruins your day before it starts. These locations are also often central to local amenities that give customers easy access to any essentials they may need. Serviced apartments are often located with these factors in mind.  Being able to take the stress away from being far away from local shops, or being a long commute from the office allows residents the peace of mind that the necessities are easily accessible during their stay.  

Business travel can often require you to travel to various places that sometimes may not be a short distance away. Having a central location as your home from home allows simple transport links that will make travelling far and wide much easier.  


Have you ever been in a hotel and seen they have provided a pair of slippers or a few cotton buds, maybe even a complimentary chocolate on the pillow of your bed? These are not amenities that will make you feel at home as they are the same thing every guest is getting. 

In fully furnished serviced apartments, you can walk straight through the front door and have everything at your disposal that you would have at home. Whether you require laundry services, bathroom and kitchen facilities, or even a garden to kick back and relax in, serviced apartments offer the chance to have a comfortable space while you’re travelling for business. After all, what else is more homely than having to cook your own dinner and do your laundry after a day at work.  

Why should business travellers choose a serviced apartment? 

Having a comfortable space to relax at the end of a workday or a day of travelling is key to creating an environment that replicates home. With the privacy factor and ease of not having to worry about check-in and check-out timings provide the flexibility every busy business traveller requires. 

For business travel, there is no competition in terms of which accommodation creates the perfect home-from-home atmosphere. Serviced apartments provide the comfort people look for, whether they are there for an extended stay or in need of a short-term let that lasts a few days.