Posted on 8th December 2021

Great Ways to Make Playground Games Educational


Learning outside of the classroom gives children an exciting and for some, a far more engaging method for learning. Learning outside of the classroom is a great way of enriching lessons that take place within the classroom and ultimately can help supplement a child’s education in incredible ways. In this article we’re looking at 7 ways to bring your playground to life in a manner that supports outdoor learning and makes your playground a more educational space overall.


Board Games

While Board Game markings may look like a simple game, as markings within a playground they can provide excellent learning opportunities through play, whether children play them on their own or in teams. Playground game markings such as snakes and ladders for example is an excellent way for children to learn basic maths, counting forwards and backwards when they inevitably hit a snake.


Playground Number Grids

Letter and alphabet playground markings are a great way to keep children learning while playing. From alpha grids to alpha shapes, children can jump and run from one letter to another. Whether they need to spell out words to earn points or find the letters of their own names, these can be a fantastic addition to playgrounds for young children especially as they begin their journey with phonics and beyond.


Playground Coordinates Grids

The playground coordinate grid markings are ideal at teaching young ones basic maths and graph skills. Not only can little ones learn to read a graph but they can also use their imagination to create their own games also, making use of an educational tool for more than one purpose.


Roadway Areas

Education doesn’t just surround Math and English; education covers a whole host of topics and learning about roadways is one very important topic that young ones need to become accustomed to very quickly. Roadway playground markings can help little ones learn about roadway signs, the direction that traffic approaches and even how and where to cross safely.


Fitness Trails

Creating healthy habits at a young age is key and learning about health and fitness is just as important as any other lesson children learn within the classroom. Daily mile track markings and fitness tracks are yet another great addition, providing young ones with the means to work on their fitness and even create fun and meaningful games around this, once again learning and developing their own strength and fitness through the magic of play.



Mazes are a fantastic method of learning for children. They teach them about problem solving as well as the benefit of working with others. There is power in numbers and when children learn how to work together, they learn how to solve the problem of the maze before them. Mazes can be used independently or together – whichever way they’re used, they allow children to problem solve in their own time and their own way.


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