It’s not always the first thing on everyone’s minds during the colder seasons, but getting started planning your garden during the winter gives you enough time to really pull something special together in time for summertime.

You’ll want to first consider your budget, as well as asses the current space to get an idea of what’s achievable. Pinterest and other online sites are a great way to get inspiration!

Below, we’ve listed some of the top projects that might be perfect for your garden to get started in the New Year.

Fire pit

Make your back garden the social spot to be this summer with a fire pit. Sitting in the backyard around the fire with friends and family is a fantastic summertime activity and creates a brilliant atmosphere for any garden space.

You can go more expensive with a fire pit or choose to create something a little more DIY with it. They can actually be a relatively fast and inexpensive option! Either way, a fire pit does add that extra bit of a summer-y feel and is ideal for BBQs or seasonal parties.

Raised garden beds

Raised garden beds are a really simple way to transform a garden space. They’re also ideal if you want to grow fruit and vegetables alongside a range of other plants. It is also beneficial to you, as it not only gives you healthy options to eat but it also can benefit you physically and mentally.

Whether you’re an expert or just experimenting with a green thumb, raised garden beds are easy to install and can really have an impact on the look and feel of a space. Plus, once you’ve grown your first vegetables you get bragging rights to all your friends!

Storage Hut

A storage hut can not only value to a house and look wonderful in a garden, but they also are very functional and handy to have. They’re perfect for, of course, storing things – but they actually can enhance the look of the space by providing a place to put things away where they otherwise might be left hanging around in the garden or in your home.

There are a range of great options available including the Quonset hut kit and others. It’s worth having a look to see what type of storage hut would be best for you!

Small pond

A small pond is another great way to transform your outdoor space. These watery areas not only encourage more wildlife into your garden, but they also help to create a relaxing environment for you and potential guests. They’re perfect for gardens both large and small as you can plan to size based on your needs.

As they require periodical maintenance, they also provide owners with a rewarding hobby. If you happen to have children, they’re a fantastic way to teach them about wildlife and water-y creatures, as well as inspiring a love of nature in them.

Finally, garden ponds can actually add value to your property should you ever wish to sell it, making them a great investment.

Outdoor Bar

If you’re a big fan of socialising and summer parties, there’s nothing like an outdoor bar to add a bit of ambiance to your home and impress your friends. An outdoor bar can be as luxurious or as simple as you like. You can even convert an outdoor shed into a bar.

Adding little touches like fairy lights and a ‘bar’ sign can make a surprisingly big impact. And if you’re thinking of going to the next level with it, why not add a small bar fridge to store drinks?