Posted on 11th May 2023

Flexible Offsite Construction Software


With more than 30 years of industry experience, hsbcad is a global software solutions provider for offsite construction. It facilitates computer-aided design (CAD), offsite manufacturing, onsite assembly, and compliance with Building Information Modelling (BIM) as standard. Recognised for offering the best solutions on the market from its readily accessible worldwide business hubs, hsbcad has been named as Best Offsite Construction Software Platform 2023 in the Design & Build Awards. 

hsbcad is a world leader in providing the software backbone for numerous leading companies in the offsite wood construction industry. It was founded in 1988 as an engineering company before transitioning to software solutions in offsite construction. The company has headquarters in Belgium and extended offices throughout Europe, the Americas, Asia, and Australasia. Its software solutions are designed specifically for the timber frame and wood construction industry, providing architects, engineers, designers, and construction professionals with the tools required to produce high-quality wood structures.

With over 500 clients worldwide, hsbcad is part of the offsite construction ecosystem. It works for all types of clients, ranging from specialised companies creating one-off pieces, to small and medium sized businesses, and finally to the big scale industrial players who are pushing the limits of offsite construction. This puts the company in a unique position to be able to oversee the different market segments, and share best practices with all its clients.

hsbcad has a number of core values it brings to the table. Innovation is one, typified by the company’s commitment to continuously improving its software solutions to meet the changing needs of the timber construction industry. Another value is excellence, which hsbcad strives for in everything it does, from software quality to customer support. A third value is customer focus. hsbcad puts its customers at the heart of everything it does, listens to their feedback, and works with them closely to develop software solutions meeting their specific needs. The company is committed to promoting sustainable construction practices that limit the environmental impact of the industry. Finally, hsbcad has a core value in partnership, as it values working closely with customers, industry experts, and other stakeholders to drive innovation and improve the industry.

hsbcad’s software solutions are highly customisable and can be tailored to meet the requirements of each individual project. Users can create their own custom modules, libraries, and plugins to integrate with the software. Its solutions integrate seamlessly with other design software and BIM tools, allowing for a smooth workflow and enhanced collaboration between teams. Its main software platforms are hsbDesign for Revit® and hsbDesign for AutoCAD®, hsbMake, and hsbShare. These programmes can streamline the design, detail manufacture and assembly process, and improve efficiency by automating repetitive tasks. This results in faster turnaround times, reduced costs, and improved quality.

hsbcad’s solutions are flexible, and can be used for a wide range of wood construction projects from small scale residential homes to large commercial buildings. It has advanced 3D modelling capabilities allowing for visualisations of designs in real-time. This feature helps designers to identify any potential issues and make the requisite changes before production begins. This saves both time and money for clients.   

As a software company serving the timber and construction market, hsbcad is both extremely aware of and committed to sustainability. It always aims to reduce the waste in construction, and minimise the environmental impact of the offsite construction industry. These are commitments aligned with its dedication to innovation, sustainability, and social responsibility. Its approach is rooted in practicalities, with the company developing software solutions that allow offsite residential and non-residential construction companies to optimise their practices. Reducing waste and improving sustainability of operations is always an aim when working with both builders and construction companies.

“hsbcad’s approach to sustainability is rooted in innovation, with the company developing software solutions that allow offsite residential and non-residential construction companies and builders to optimise their practices, reduce waste, and improve the sustainability of their operations. The company’s software solutions are designed to help customers achieve their sustainability goals while also improving their efficiency, productivity, and profitability.”

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