Finding the best new boiler that is just right for you to make the Scottish freeze slightly less unbearable is made easier with Firstcall Home Assist.

Still stuck with an ugly old boiler? How reliable is your current one for getting you through the next bitter winter?

These are the definitive questions we should all be asking ourselves in order to establish whether a new boiler is a necessity this year.

Older boilers are scarily inefficient in comparison to the modernised and eco-friendly variety of models available. According to evidence collaborated by leading company energy saving trust- ‘replacing a G-rated boiler with an A- rated boiler and full set of heating controls could save a whopping £340 and £1500kg of Carbon dioxide every year!’

Be aware that you may also qualify for Government deals which could save hundreds on the cost of buying and installing a new boiler, but be fast as funding is subject to first come, first serve.

Whatever reason behind replacing an old boiler, follow the next steps to establish which boiler is right for you!

Almost every new boiler is a ‘condensing boiler’, these take the lead with energy efficiency and put the traditional guzzling boilers to shame. Reducing crazy amounts of wasted heat could save a fortune financially and protect the environment from slow deterioration.

A gas combination boiler/ combi runs both central heating and hot water from one unit, henceforward ‘combi’. With a combi a separate hot water storage cylinder is completely unnecessary which is great for those who are big on space saving!

When looking to buy a heating system that only powers radiators, a ‘heat-only’ boiler system is the answer. Unlike combi boilers, heat-only systems must be connected to a separate hot water storage which is not as great for space saving as a combi.

Alternatively, often found in older rustic homes, approximately 1.5 million to be precise around the UK require oil boilers. Although they are far less common than gas they are as equally necessary.

It is no surprise that Worcester Bosch have made it into the list of top rated boiler brands. Which? Have highlighted, subject to a recent survey that Worcester received an excellent customer satisfaction score of 83% and only 32% of customers ever reported any problems with their boiler.

Before purchasing a boiler, arranging a site visit in your home with an approved installer is of much recommendation in order to discuss needs and any queries. It is important to recognise that every home is unique and should be treated separately from any other to fully establish the needs and requirements of each and every job.

It is of extreme importance to find the right installer. At Firstcall we make energy savings affordable. That’s why we actively looks for ways to bring customers the most cost effective way to benefit from energy efficiency measures. Now customers don’t have to miss out on the reduced costs that come from energy saving products like insulation, new boilers, and renewables.

Firstcall Home Assist was the first company in Scotland to have been awarded Energy Savings Trust Advisor accreditation. The company has a commitment to helping customers save on energy bills, reduce carbon emissions and is a Worcester Bosch accredited installer.

We are the energy savings experts working across Scotland to bring energy efficient measures to homeowners, landlords, business and social housing associations.

With the rising costs of energy bills and the commitment by Scottish Government to reduce carbon emissions, we invest in our staff to make sure they are fully accredited and educated in the energy schemes and funding available to customers.