Cosy bedroom

It’s that time of the year again – the temperatures are going down, the leaves are falling, and there is less and less sunlight every day. For many, the winter period is the best time of the year. However, with the festivities, most people pay close attention to other areas of the home, leaving the bedroom neglected.

If anything, now is the most important time to pay attention to your bedroom to ensure it is warm and cosy throughout the season, helping to make sure you get a good night’s sleep every night. Interior designer Ryan McDonough at has teamed up with several home and interior experts to create this list of the best ways to make your bedroom feel cosier in the winter. From adding cosy rugs to choosing the right colour palette, there are many things you can do to make sure you feel warm and cosy all winter long.


Check the Tog on Your Duvet

The tog rating of your duvet will tell you exactly how well-insulating it is. While it’s fine to have a lower tog duvet in the summer, during the winter months, you’re more likely to feel cold while you’re trying to get to sleep, so it’s better to opt for a duvet with a higher tog rating.

When looking at the tog rating, you should aim to choose one that is 10 or higher for the winter months. This will help to ensure you remain warm all throughout the night. You will be able to find the tog rating on the label of most duvets. If you’re unsure, speak to a staff member in the shop or look for the details on the manufacturer’s website.


Choose a Warm Colour Palette

Another thing you can do to ensure your bedroom is cosy for the winter is to think about the colour scheme. Colours can play a very important role in how a room looks and feels. If you want to create a cosy atmosphere, colours can help you achieve that.

“Consider warm, earthy colours like deep reds, rich browns, or muted oranges for your bedroom decor. These hues create a cosy ambience that complements the season,” says Cyble Rizwan, interiors expert at Persimmon Design. You can add warming colours to your walls, curtains, bedding and in accent pieces such as rugs or small furniture items.


Layer Your Bedding

One of the best ways to make your bedroom cosier in the winter is to layer your bedding. “Using a higher thread count sheet set is a great start, but I also recommend layering a light blanket underneath your duvet. This allows you to immerse yourself in extra warmth at bedtime but also gives you the flexibility to shed some layers if you get a little too cosy,” explains Todd Saunders, interiors expert and CEO of FlooringStores.

The more layers you can create in your bedroom, the cosier it is going to feel. In addition to the additional layers, consider the materials that your bedding is made from. You want to use soft and fluffy bedding during the wintertime. The softer and fluffier the material, the better. Teddy bedding is great for providing extra warmth and cosiness during the winter months.


Make Use of Scents and Candles

Aromas can really help to set the scene of a room and can add to that cosy feeling that you’re looking to achieve. “Harness the power of scent to create a welcoming atmosphere. Place simmering pots of cinnamon and cloves or infuse essential oils with calming scents like lavender to induce relaxation and warmth,” says Kyle Leman, homes expert at Crossroads Foundation Repair.

Bob Thomas, interiors expert at Hearth and Petals, agrees. “A flickering flame instantly makes a room homier. Place candles safely around the room to set the scene. Vanilla, pine or pumpkin-scented candles can be soothing,” Thomas adds. Greg Young, founder of House Fragrance, explains, “The right scent can not only make your room smell amazing but also affect your mood and well-being.” Young also states that you should “Place candles in safe, strategic spots to maximize scent distribution and ambience.”


Add Plenty of Textures

Textures are one of the main elements of cosiness. Inez Stanway, founder of Monday Mandala, explains that rich, textured throws can make all the difference. “A chunky knit blanket at the foot of the bed, or casually draped over an armchair, adds warmth in more ways than one. And let’s be honest, there’s a unique joy in wrapping oneself in a cocoon of softness with a good book on a wintry evening,” Stanway states.

Take a look around your bedroom and try to consider where you can add texture. Textures can come in all different forms, from cosy rugs and thick curtains to comforting throws and extra soft pillows.


Ambient Lighting is a Must

Lighting plays a crucial role in setting the right mood in the bedroom. If you want to make your bedroom feel cosier, you should start by making sure you get the lighting right. Dominick Femia, home expert and founder of, suggests that you should; “Replace cool, bright bulbs with warmer, softer ones to create a more relaxed ambience.”

“Consider adding a few bedside lamps or string lights for a gentle, warm glow. Dimmer switches are also a great addition, allowing you to adjust the brightness to suit your mood,” Femia adds. Not only will dimmer lighting make the room feel cosier and warmer, but it will also help you wind down and fall asleep quicker.


Add Some Plush Rugs

“Stepping onto a cold floor in the morning can be a shock to the system”, says Zach Shelley, founder and CEO of A-List Properties. “Add warmth and comfort by placing plush rugs next to your bed. Not only will they keep your feet warm, but they also add a touch of luxury to your bedroom.” Opt for plush, fluffy rugs for added warmth and cosiness. Choose something that will envelope your feet when you step onto it.

Keely Smith, interior design expert and artist at Home Stratosphere, also agrees; “The mere addition of a luxurious rug can change the dynamic of your bedroom, offering not only elevated style but also an added layer of insulation against the cold.” Smith adds, “Its subtle touch serves a dual purpose – adding warmth and absorbing echoing sounds.”


Create a Tranquil Retreat

You can make your bedroom even cosier by incorporating multiple uses in the room. One extra use for the room can include a tranquil retreat. Abigail Parker, interiors and spirituality expert at EarthlySoulNet, explains that you can; “Design a corner in your bedroom with a chair, gentle lighting and calming crystals for moments of reflection—a holistic cosy escape from winter’s chilly grasp.”

Bailey Moran, homes expert and COO of Austin TX Realty, also agrees that a comfortable resting spot can make your bedroom seem cosier. “You know, in all the homes I’ve walked into, it’s the unnoticed spots that intrigue me most. I think we’ve all got that one corner in our bedroom we’ve never given much thought to. But imagine just a comfy chair there, a snug blanket draped over, and a floor lamp for company. Suddenly, that forgotten corner is the best spot to curl up with a book, away from the world, especially on those nippy evenings,” Moran explains.


Insulate the Windows

Finally, it’s worth taking a moment to inspect the windows in your bedroom as this is where heat can escape, and the cold air can enter the room. Take a look at your windows to see if you can find any cracks or gaps. Have a feel around for any draughts. Once identified, you can then deal with the issues accordingly to ensure your windows are as insulated as possible.

Jim Olenbush, home expert and founder of Austin Real Estate, explains: “Heavy curtains, blankets, or even towels can be used to insulate windows effectively.” If you notice gaps, you may need to caulk around the edges. If there are gaps in the windows or the sealant has worn, it may be worth investing in a new sealant.


Final Thoughts

As you can see, there are many things that you can do to ensure your bedroom feels cosier in the winter. Whether it’s choosing the right scent, adding ambient lighting, or throwing in some extra textures, it’s easy to create a comfortable and cosy haven for settling down on winter nights.