Posted on 26th April 2023

Everything You Need to Know About Architectural Rendering Costs and Services in 2023

Tackling the importance of architectural rendering in the whole design industry, it is crucial to mention what benefits it brings for it. Firstly, it makes it possible for architects and designers to visualize and express their ideas to customers, real estate agents, and stakeholders. Photorealistic 3D visualizations communicate a better understanding of the design. This way, stakeholders see the whole picture of the future construction and are able to make more informed decisions.

Nevertheless, it all comes at some price. We imply that everyone should understand all the costs related to architectural rendering. It is a difficult and creative process, so you have to be aware of all pitfalls and aspects of it. That is why we have decided to prepare an architectural rendering cost guide for 2023 for you to understand which projects are worth your attention and which to avoid.

Let’s discover the significance of architectural rendering, its cost and what influences it, and how to find a fine balance between quality and cost.

Factors that affect architectural rendering costs

There are various factors that may impact architectural rendering costs. The main of them are the following:

  • project complexity
  • level of detail
  • software and technologies involved
  • level of professionals skills required
  • number of revisions
  • project timeline
  • delivery format

These are the main factors that form the final cost of such a project. However, there may be some other specific factors that add up to the final price.

For a better understanding of the range of prices, let us give you an example. The average price of architectural rendering is $1500 per project. There can be 2 scenarios:

  1. The project is very simple, does not require any special skills or software, and consumes a little time and effort.
  2. The project is super complex and demands a high level of detail and a photorealistic approach.

In the first scenario, the price can vary around $500, while in the second scenario, it can reach over $10000.

As you can see, it is very difficult to state a certain cost of a project as it needs to go through a quote and estimation to know what is required to accomplish it.

Types of architectural rendering and their costs

When it comes to analysing the price of architectural rendering, it is worth mentioning that there are various types of it. First things first, you have to understand what services you need exactly. To make it more clear, let’s outline the main types of such renderings that you might need:

  • 2D floor plans
  • 3D models
  • VR (virtual reality) tours
  • animations

These are the main types of architectural rendering. You may wonder, what are the differences in their functions and costs?

Talking about 2D floor plans, they provide the whole layout of the building or a flat. In most cases, specialists use CAD software for creating such 2D floor plans. In general, these renderings are pretty affordable and range from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars.

At the same time, 3D models provide a more immersive experience as they allow the creation of a design that is visualized from all angles. Stakeholders are able to dive into the atmosphere of a design much deeper and understand all peculiarities you want to convey. 3D models require 3D modeling software relatively, which is a bit more complicated tech stack to use. Thus, it usually costs a few thousand dollars to create one. Again, it all depends on the factors we mentioned earlier.

The next type of architectural rendering is VR tours. This exciting product lets users immerse themselves into the building, room, or flat completely and even interact with objects. Virtual reality tours make it possible not to miss out on any important details needed for the best user experience. The creation process is rigorous and complex, and it demands special software, like VR headsets and even game engines. But the experience it creates is undoubtful! The cost of VR tours, of course, may vary from $5000 to even $30000.

We have approached the type of rendering, which is animations. This unique product creates a cinematic and dynamic representation of your design ideas. It takes users on a journey that feels real! It is created using both 3D modelling software and animation technologies. The process is difficult and requires special skills and knowledge. No wonder why the cost ranges from $10000 to $60000. Once again, we shall always go back to factors that impact the final price.

As you can see, the cost is not even equal to some burgers or brand-new shoes. It means that you need to approach the decision of choosing a provider very wisely and carefully.

Choosing the right architectural rendering provider

We are sure you’ve already found yourself in a situation when your recommendations didn’t match your friends and vice versa. It happens because people differ and tastes differ. However, there are several factors that may simplify the whole process of choosing the right provider in terms of architectural rendering services. Let’s take a closer look at those factors:

  • experience
  • portfolio
  • capabilities and services
  • quality
  • pricing
  • customer service
  • project timeline
  • reputation
  • reviews and testimonials
  • communication channels and skills.

These are just the main things you need to consider when selecting a contractor. However, it is also important to evaluate their availability and flexibility. You can easily check it when filling out the form and tracking how much time they need to respond to you. Sounds like a trick? Responsiveness is often a sign of their ability to meet deadlines in the future.

Be sure that you’ve looked through their cases and examined the projects that are similar to yours. Moreover, you may ask for references and contact their previous clients.

And, of course, pricing. Always make sure that their pricing policy matches your budget and needs.


On the whole, architectural rendering plays an important role in real estate and other industries to provide photorealistic and immersive design projects. As soon as you are aware of its benefits and cost factors, you may decide what exactly you need and can afford. Consider all the factors that influence the price not to get surprised when you hear the final costs. Estimate the needs and budget, choose the right provider, and go on a journey of top-notch changes in your services and products!