Posted on 16th June 2023

Elevate Your Décor: Custom Made Cabinets for a Stylish and Functional Kitchen

It’s been quite a while since I’ve begun working in the home décor industry, and I am going to say something outrageous now. 

Cabinets are and will always be the focal point of a kitchenette.

I mean, you can argue against my statement by saying – well, they’re just some bland-looking boxes with doors, shelves, and drawers, no?

No, not really.

With every delicate curve and carefully chosen finish – these resplendent marvels capture the spirit and persona of those who venture into their enchanting domain, celebrating the union of functionality and artistic expression. 

However, like everything else, there’s a silver lining to it.

Crafting a charismatic kitchenette with cabinets will be only feasible when they’re customized or tailor-made. Sure, it would put a significant dent on your cautiously-molded budget. But, if you consider everything you’re getting, it’s certainly a plus for you.

Wait, let me tell you more about it.

Where Does the Charm of Custom Cabinetry Lie?

If I’m being realistic – buying cabinets from a five-and-ten store does make sense. After all, it is cheap, accessible, and, to some extent, reliable. 

But, we are talking about your kitchen here!

You are supposed to be a pragmatic dude elsewhere – but, when it comes to home decor, being creative is the key. And going for customized cabinetry can certainly help you with that.

(P.S. – Don’t worry. There’s no need to go for an exuberant kitchen remodeling for it.)

1: Built to Last (Well… Definitely Till You’re Alive)

Unlike the conventional ones, a customized cabinet will be crafted by an adept cabinet who’s mastered the art of true workmanship. 

And yes, the entire project will be performed by hand – not on the pesky assembly lines.

Even better, you can choose the material you want them to work on – as long as you’re paying for it. So, expecting a dream-like result wouldn’t be too far-fetched, in my opinion.

2: Local Source (Being an Altruist and All, You Know)

When you are choosing a traditional option – naturally, you will not have any control over the wood that’s being used. However, the story is a little different for a customized cabinet.

In this case, you’ll have an extensive number of choices to choose from. So, if you want, you may choose between a domestic or a local hardwood to lessen the impact on our ecosystem.

3: A Sense of Personal Belonging (What’s Mine is Mine!)

When it comes to creating a customized cabinet, you’ll get to be in control of everything. As I have said before, you’ll be the one to –

  • Choose the material for the product the craftsman will create 
  • Select the design and the size of the cabinet
  • Get the colouring and shaping of your own choice

And, you can do each and everything through proper planning and strategy, so that it’s easier for you to organize your kitchen in any way you want. Once it’s all done, going to the kitchen will almost feel like a personal achievement – like you’re the one to do it all.

Bonus – A Place for Everything (Tuck In Whatever, Wherever You Want)

In today’s fast-paced world, it’s become almost necessary for us to stay organized. And if you are a stingy dude like me, you can probably already guess what I’m hinting at, right?

So, with a customized cabinet, everything will have a place for itself. 

Like, do you want to hide that hideous coffee maker when it’s not in use? Well, you can ask a craftsman to build a specific storage for it. This way, you will not have to keep it in the wrong place and look for the same everywhere in the morning.

Customization is the key to living a harmonious and congruous life. So, I’d suggest you go for it at the earliest!

Onto the Most Important Part – Choosing the Craftsman!

So, after all this commotion, you have decided that you want to go for custom cabinets, right? Well, then, let’s move on to the most important part of the process – selecting the craftsman.

I mean, most people choose a customized option because they’re looking for something that’s both aesthetic and feasible. So you will need someone who is capable of doing what you want to get. And here are some ways to choose the best person for the job –

  • Assess the craftsman’s experience in cabinet making and their expertise in handling various materials, styles and design techniques. Look for someone with a proven track record and a portfolio that showcases their skill and versatility.
  • Research the craftsman’s reputation in the industry and among previous clients. Read online reviews, seek recommendations from friends or family, and ask the craftsman for references or examples of their past work. 
  • Review the craftsman’s portfolio to evaluate the quality of their previous projects. Consider whether their design style aligns with your vision for your cabinets. A person with a diverse portfolio demonstrating versatility in styles and finishes may be better equipped to meet your specific requirements.
  • Assess the craftsman’s ability to deliver customized solutions tailored to your unique needs. Look for evidence of their attention to detail, precision in measurements, and craftsmanship in creating intricate features such as mouldings or hardware installation.
  • Effective communication is vital in any cabinet project. Ensure the craftsman is receptive to your ideas, understands your expectations, and communicates openly throughout the process. 
  • Inquire about the materials the craftsman uses for cabinet construction. Additionally, ask about the construction techniques employed like dovetail joints, mortise and tenon, known for their strength and stability. Most capable designers like UB Kitchens would be happy to tell you about everything!
  • Verify that the craftsman holds the necessary licenses and permits required in your locality. Additionally, ensure they have adequate insurance coverage to protect against any unforeseen accidents or damages during the project.
  • Request detailed quotes from multiple craftsmen and compare their pricing structure. While cost is a consideration, it should not be the sole determining factor. Assess the value, considering factors like craftsmanship, quality, and customization.
  • Discuss the projected timeline for the project and the craftsman’s availability to ensure they can accommodate your desired completion date. Timeliness and availability are critical to ensure a smooth and efficient cabinet installation process.
  • Before finalizing the agreement, review and understand the terms and conditions provided in the contract. Please pay attention to warranty details and any guarantees on workmanship or materials.

Aesthetics: Check! Efficiency: Check!

If you are considering creating personalized cabinetry, it’s important to hire a custom cabinet maker. So, adhere to whatever I have said before and look for the best possible option.

Good luck!