Moving houses can be a challenging experience, taking up your time, along with your mental and physical energy. Letting go of the place that holds so many memories of you and loved ones can also be emotionally taxing.

Packing up all your belongings may seem straightforward, but it requires attention to detail. If you are moving for the first time, we recommend that you hire professional moving services like Osmon Moving and Storage to take care of the moving process for you. If you intend to take on the challenge all by yourself or even hire professional services, here are some common mistakes that you can avoid while moving houses:

Not Preparing Beforehand

The moving process requires extensive planning, which first-time movers can often underestimate. You may think that moving only requires packing up your stuff and driving to your new home, but prior planning is necessary to ensure that you execute your packing and moving day organizationally.

Planning should include researching suppliers and comparing prices of packing materials, and identifying the type and quantity of packing material to be used. It would be best to start planning as soon as you finalize your new house to prevent any last-minute issues.

It is advisable to plan at least a month before the moving day. Ideally, you should be done with your packing at least a week before the moving day or only have a few boxes of essentials left to pack.

Taking Insurance for Granted

Accidents during your move can damage your valuables. Most people take insurance for granted, leading to significant financial losses. It is vital to check if your moving company is offering any insurance policy for this matter and how much is the maximum coverage. You can contact your home insurance provider’s customer support line to ask about the coverage and if that includes household items in transit.

Incorrect Labelling

Using labels to organize all your belongings is essential. First-time movers or even those with prior experience in moving houses forget to put on the labels on the boxes, which creates a lot of confusion during settling into the new house period. You can use a numerical or color-coding system to label your belongings into different categories. You can also mark your cartons for each room and make the unboxing process much easier for yourself and your family. Labeling can also help your truck driver or movers to stack the boxes accordingly and ensure that no fragile item is damaged during the commute.

Not Packing an Essentials Box

The biggest mistake you can make while packing your belongings is not creating a separate box for essentials. This box should include all the necessary items you and your family require on your first day in your new home. It can consist of clothing for a day or two, toiletries, some groceries, and utensils. You can also include any cleaning supplies you have to use in your new house before you unpack everything.

Not Measuring Furniture in Advance

Another common mistake among new movers is not measuring their furniture and planning its placement in their new home. Certain items may not fit your new home and should be removed. By measuring your new home and your existing furniture pieces, you can ascertain which items will perfectly fit your new home.

Not Getting Utilities Connected

Most people forget to ensure their utilities are in place when moving and planning the packing. It is essential to check for running water and electricity in your new home before your move-in day. You can contact your new service providers on their helpline or visit their office to ensure these arrangements are made for you. Internet access and cable TV are also essential to check but can be delayed for a few days.

Not Changing Your Address

It is essential to notify your workplace, financial services, and other service providers about the address change. You do not want your valuable letters, bills, or documents ending up at your last house or falling into the wrong hands.


Moving can be overwhelming, but it can be made most accessible with the necessary measures. Most first movers make widespread and avoidable mistakes due to a lack of experience handling all the processes leading to a successful move-in day. It is always a good idea to seek professional help by hiring moving companies who can get you through the process.