Good architecture does more than simply function. It plays a major role in the health and wellbeing of those who use the building. This is the beating heart of Blichfeldt Architects. Now being recognised in BUILD’s 2020 Design & Build Awards as Best Specialist Passive House Design Firm 2020 – Denmark, we look more closely at the firm to see just what it offers in the way of designs that can heal in style.

Bo Blichfeldt is the founder of Blichfeldt Architects, and under his guidance and leadership, the business has proven itself capable of undertaking a wide range of projects and project management work. Based in central Copenhagen, there are many commercial buildings, property and housing that have been able to benefit from Bo’s unique approach to design.

At the forefront of his operation is Bo’s position as a Certified Feng Shui consultant. He is recognised as a specialist in Healing Architecture. This means that not only do Bo and his team consider the way in which a building is able to function, but on methods that can affect human wellbeing. Clients have come to admire the way in which his designs have been able to strengthen or transform the healing process, making these spaces areas in which they can live to their fullest.

To facilitate this ambition, Bo and his team are always keen to explore new and exciting ways of working. The firm often participates in design and development projects, creating new products when it is required in a construction process or if needed to be in accordance with applicable legislation. Some of the firm’s specialties are working in the mediums of concrete, steel and glass to create stunning structures.

Much of Bo’s inspiration as an architect is drawn from the traditional Danish architects, with many of the firm’s projects showcasing this fact. The renovation of Bella Vista is a perfect example of this, with much inspiration coming from Arne Jacobsen. With his background in Feng Shui, Bo also brings elements from Chinese and Buddhist backgrounds and combines them with Scandinavian minimalism. The results are always exciting to the eye and utterly unique.

When it comes to putting together a project, the team always make the effort to take a holistic approach. This applies regardless of the nature and extent of the assignment. Throughout the process, the focus of Bo and his team is always on the provision of superb architecture that has the best possible impact on people. To this end, the team have been able to commit themselves to providing the best possible craftsmanship alongside innovative solutions. All of this work is carefully adapted to best suit a project’s budget.

This careful approach of design and architecture can apply equally to construction, with Bo operating Qi’Living, an innovative construction firm, alongside Blichfeldt Architects. This means that Bo and his team is able to take care of the entire process from the first thumbnail sketch to final handover. With an eye on the aesthetic, functional and sustainable solution, clients are guaranteed to find the best way forward for their building dreams.

The success of Blichfeldt Architects comes from their ability to combine different priorities into a cohesive whole. Instead of placing aesthetics over function, Bo and his team work tirelessly to ensure that every part creates something very special indeed. It’s the reason that the firm has continually experienced success and is why it remains in such high demand.