Posted on 13th April 2023

Choosing the Perfect Rental Property for College Students

Finding a good property for rent can be challenging for students, especially those who are living away from home for the first time. Many landlords may have expectations of tenant behaviour that are difficult to meet. Budget is also an important factor when searching for a property. Student accommodation is often more expensive than other types of rental due to its convenience and location near university campuses.

All these factors can greatly influence the search for a suitable property, making it a difficult task for students.

Help for college students

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College renting tips

Below, you can find the recommendations that will help you find perfect accommodation. Keep reading!

Visit the place

Never flat hunt online without visiting the property in person first! You need to see exactly what you are getting for your money and make sure it meets all your needs. Taking pictures will help jog your memory when comparing properties. Don’t be afraid to ask questions and negotiate if the place is just right for you.

Research online

Online platforms are a great way to start your search for student accommodation as they have a wide selection of properties in almost any location. From here you can narrow down your search according to price, size, amenities and more so that it fits your budget and lifestyle perfectly. Also read trustworthy review sites like Trustpilot or Google reviews to get an insight into other people’s experiences with different landlords or rental agencies.

Check out local university resources

If you’re going straight from high school then the chances are that your university has some kind of housing advice service or resource hub. These can be great places to start your search as they have insider knowledge about the best deals in town, and sometimes even negotiate discounted rates with local landlords on behalf of students.

Be aware of any fees

Check if there are any hidden fees or extra costs involved in renting the place. This could include admin fees, service charges, damage deposits, etc., so make sure you understand what these will be and how much they will add to your overall rent cost before signing a contract. Also check if there is an estate agent fee that must be paid when renting through them as this could affect how much you pay each month.

Ask questions

Before signing the contract, make sure you understand what exactly is included in the rent. Will you get access to any communal facilities like a laundry room or garden? Does it have Wi-Fi and is it included in the price? What about bills, are they included or do you need to pay them separately? All these questions will guarantee that there are no surprises down the line.

Consider your budget

Think twice how much rent you can realistically afford each month, as this will have an impact on the type of place you can get. Make sure you factor in any additional bills that may be applicable and make sure that these are affordable too. It’s also wise to save some extra money aside in case of any unexpected costs or repairs so that there is a cushion when things don’t go according to plan.