Wyatt Management is a leading general contractor that specializes in projects ranging from ground-up construction to remodeling and tenant finishes. A Winner of 2021’s Leading Commercial Construction Specialists – Texas, the company’s leaders, Jeannette & Tim Wyatt, share their insights into the company’s success.

Self-proclaimed “Lean, Mean Construction Team,” Wyatt Management first set its mark in commercial construction through the mastery of remodel projects for quick-service restaurants and retail clients including Arby’s, Firestone, Jiffy Lube, McDonald’s and Wendy’s, among others. That was in 1998. Today, the company is pushing the envelope with its commitment to Lean Building in order to deliver a smoother, more efficient construction process for trade partners and owners alike. While clients still include quick service restaurants and auto care stores, Wyatt Management has branched out into building fast-casual restaurants and bars, entertainment and recreation facilities, medical office buildings, retail strip centers, and more. 

The company rolled out its BuildBETTER™ methodology this past year, which brings together its standard operating procedures, known as the Wyatt Way, along with Lean principles. “Lean Building applies clear and concise scheduling systems to keep all parties on the same page,” says Tim. “This, along with a collaborative spirit, creates an atmosphere that is unrivalled for small and mid-sized general contractors,” adds Jeannette.

Working closely with new and expanding brands such as Dutch Bros Coffee, Mendocino Farms and Rachel’s Mediterranean Grill, who are looking to gain a footprint in the state of Texas, is a great source of pride for Wyatt. “With 20 years in business, we’ve learned that an awesome client experience not only drives new business, but it makes the work far more rewarding for us and for them,” says Jeannette.

According to Tim, the quality of the experience starts with their team and is dependent upon open and honest communication. “I’ve never known a construction project without its challenges. But if you’re completely transparent with your client and come to them with solutions, rather than just problems, you’re able to create a relationship of trust. Like any relationship, if the trust isn’t there, it’s just not likely to last,” says Tim. “By building that trust, we’re able to enhance efficiencies, minimize conflict, and overcome any challenges we encounter–together.” 

Unlike large, national contractors, Wyatt has found success in staying close to home. “We can travel outside of Texas,” says Tim, “but there’s really no reason to.” After many years of trying to manage business across the state out of its home office in The Woodlands, Tim and Jeannette learned that they can be most successful as a GC and better partner to its clients, by duplicating its business model in the regions their work takes them. They started out by building a team in Dallas, and then expanded to San Antonio and Austin. “It’s paved the way for stronger relationships with owners and developers and there’s no end in sight,” remarks Jeannette. The Wyatt’s say they will continue to prioritize teamwork and communication so they can build smarter and better for the future.