Home for sale
  • For those looking to sell their homes during a buyer’s market, it’s vital your property is in the best possible condition to stand out from the crowd. 
  • Carpet and flooring retailer, Tapi, have surveyed 1,500 Brits to reveal UK home buyers’ biggest turn-offs when they’re searching for their next home. 

To understand just what UK home buyers look for in a property, Tapi conducted a survey of 1,500 British people to reveal the top interior features that would make them reduce their offering amount. 

Top five interior assets that would decrease prospective buyers’ money offer 

  1. Unmodernised kitchen (49%) 
  2. Visible signs of mould (47%) 
  3. Unmodernised bathroom (43%) 
  4. Water stains left from previous leaks (43%) 
  5. Unkept, dirty or worn carpets (30%) 

Six jobs to increase offers on your property over Easter holidays:

With the survey revealing the interior features that can negatively impact the home buying and selling process, Tapi teamed up with property expert Jonathan Rolande to share his easy and budget-friendly jobs you can do to prevent buyers lowering their offers:

1. Remove personal touches ahead of photo day 

Making sure your home looks its best on photo day has never been so important when trying to stand out amongst the crowd on property listing sites.  

Property expert Jonathan Rolande advises home sellers to remove anything that might reveal the date, such as Christmas decorations or Easter cards. 

He also advises to take down any personal photographs and valuable items as they’ll be online for all to see. 

For those with pets, Jonathan says: “Remove anything like baskets and bowls – some people won’t want to buy a house that’s been home to a pet!”  

2. Have a big spring clean

Before any viewings, Jonathan recommends the property is clean, clutter free and ‘dressed’ well. For example, avoid cooking anything with a strong smell for at least 24 hours ahead of viewings. Having well-made beds and plumped-up sofa cushions can make all the difference. With 22% of Brits saying they would decrease their offer for a home that looked generally unclean and cluttered, it’s important to do a big spring clean of your home ahead of putting it on the market. 

He adds: “Make sure the house number is clear and always leave outside lights on in the evening. Ensure you have turned on lamps even in rooms you’re in, as overhead lights aren’t as welcoming.”  

3. Use a stain blocking paint to remove any areas previously affected by water leaks and mould

According to the survey, visible signs of mould were one of the most popular reasons Brits would decrease their offers for on a home, with 47% saying this. A further 43% also said that water stains were another reason for them to lower how much they’d be willing to pay.

For those who have tackled mould or water stains in the past, Jonathan advises you check the source of the issue before putting your home on the market. Once it’s been addressed, he recommends wiping mould away with a mild bleach solution and waiting for it to dry. If it doesn’t re-appear, it’s safe to paint.  

He also suggests using a stain blocking paint first to ensure any stains, such as water stains, don’t bleed through again. 

4. Give your bathroom a ‘hotel’ feel 

An unmodernised bathroom (43%) was the third most popular reason people would look to lower their offer on a property, however, there are some simple ways to give your bathroom that hotel feeling to make it look more modernised. 

In the bathroom, think ‘hotel’. Jonathan says: “A nice bathroom doesn’t have to be brand new, but it should be very clean, and you should hide anything like toothpaste, brushes, shampoos, and cosmetics.  

“Consider buying new fluffy towels, a battery candle or a diffuser to give a spa-like calming feel.” 

5.  Modernise your kitchen quickly and on a budget

Almost half (49%) said dated kitchens were a reason they would lower their offer. Giving your kitchen a refresh, doesn’t need to require a brand-new refit.

Jonathan advises home sellers to refresh their kitchen by painting kitchen tiles and cupboards, or doing simple changes like replacing handles on older units ahead of putting the property on the market. 

6. Deep clean your carpets and floors 

The fifth-most popular reason Brits would lower their offer is down to floors and carpets looking unkept and dirty, with almost a third (30%) saying this.

Doing a deep clean of your carpet and smooth floors, doesn’t need to be strenuous and costly, and is highly recommended by trends expert at Tapi, Johanna Constantinou. 

Johanna says: “One of the quickest and most dramatic ways to make your home more buyer-friendly is to improve the appearance of your floors. As revealed in the study, they can be detrimental to the sale of your house, so it’s good to give them a well-needed refresh before any photos are taken and before anyone comes for a viewing. 

Removing any stains from your carpet or flooring can be a great starting point for giving your carpet that well needed re-fresh. As a general rule for removing stains follow the below steps.

If the stain is fresh:

  1. Scoop up any solids, working from the edges to the centre of the stain so it doesn’t spread out any further.
  2. Blot up any liquid spillages with a white cloth or towel.

Then to remove the stain that’s left behind:

  1. Before applying carpet cleaner, test it on a hidden area of the carpet first.
  2. If the carpet cleaner has not negatively affected your carpet, apply the solution to a white cloth and blot the stain. Don’t scrub it and don’t apply carpet cleaner directly to the carpet!
  3. Repeat with clean water to remove any residue until the cleaning agent is removed.
  4. Dry the area with a clean white cloth or towel.
  5. Vacuum the area when it’s dry.