Bio-Organic Catalyst, Inc. produces a line of proprietary product compositions, based upon its unique patented broad spectrum catalytic biochemistry that establishes an entirely new platform technology for the chemical industry. We invited the firm’s President, Parker D. Dale, to profile his innovative business and the solutions it provides.

Here at Bio-Organic Catalyst, our breakthrough bio-organic catalyst compositions (BOCs) are all manufactured to deliver the highest strength and quality biocatalysts, in highly concentrated liquid formulations. They provide a significant advancement over all other currently available chemicals, or biological agents, due to their total life cycle enhancement of the fundamental linkage between water and organic wastes, and are completely safe to use (USDA) or discharge into public waterways (US EPA).

Our products are specifically designed to solve the most critical aspects of improving water quality. The strength of the BOC technology is its ability to contribute unique solutions to enhancing the underlying biological and chemical processes that are universal to nearly all industrial cleaning, petroleum hydrocarbon remediation, water treatment and purification systems worldwide. Our bio-catalytic compositions are able to provide significant performance levels unmatched by any other chemical or biologically based agents.

We have been pioneers in the development of a new paradigm in biological enhancement of the underlying processes used in both water purification and wastewater treatment. This foundation has evolved to world leading capabilities in odour control and biogas optimization, furthering the foundation we have built in harnessing the power in nature to transform polluted waters and wastes into environmentally healthy water and soils.

The company has extensively tested our compositions in numerous engineering studies and toxicity testing programs. Our products meet U.S. Environment Protection Agency and U.S. Department of Agriculture safety requirements. The United Nations Environmental Programme presented BOCs as a selected new environmental technology for the developing world markets. The TU¨V Rhineland Institute for Environmental Protection and Energy Technology tested and documented the safety and effectiveness of BOCs, allowing our compositions to be imported into the highly regulated EU markets.

Our mission is to be the leading provider of bio-organic catalyst compositions to the world’s water treatment systems, and to transform the entire field of the cleaning arts. Our guiding ethos leads us to value and honour the relationships which underlie all ecological systems. Our work brings a better life to all life.

One of our signature products, EcoCatalyst®, is a concentrated bio-catalytic composition designed to form highly reactive micro-bubbles within water that have extraordinary oxygen transfer capabilities across the membrane barriers of wastes.

EcoCatalyst® can be used at extremely high dilutions, within misting and spray systems, allowing adaption to every type of odour control program, including garbage compactors/trucks, conveyor belts, bio-solids dewatering, food waste processing, landfills and recycling facilities. It contains no bacteria, or active enzymes, but stimulates the vitality of indigenous microorganisms by providing substantial improvement in oxygen availability, oxygen transfer, and the release of waste components for consumption by indigenous microorganisms.

We also have an all-natural odor eliminator, Eccomate®, that instantly neutralizes organic volatile compounds on contact, offering exceptional odor control and reduction of VOC emissions, which is essential for building an infrastructure to handle organic waste streams.

Ultimately, our products provide a range of solutions for issues within the waste management industries, ensuring that firms operating within these sectors can manage their output efficiently.