Posted on 13th June 2022

Best Stretch Ceiling Installation Specialists – UK

Elegant ceiling an skylight fitted by Ceiling Tech Ltd

When thinking about true innovation in design, the steady adoption of stretch ceilings is certainly something to be celebrated in this year’s Construction and Engineering Awards from BUILD. There are few firms able to produce products of finer quality than the team at Ceiling Tech Ltd. We take a closer look at the firm in the light of their extraordinary achievement.

Stretch ceilings are a remarkable new innovation for those in the construction industry, but to designers and architects alike, offers a whole new world of potential which can be explored and examined for artistic and practical benefit. In essence, the system is made of two components. Firstly, there is a perimeter track onto which a lightweight membrane is stretched and attached through clips. The result is something truly extraordinary, and because of its relative novelty, unseen by many.

Opening up this market, and providing customers with a bespoke solution suited to their specific needs, are the team from Ceiling Tech. The team’s approach embraces an entirely new attitude to the art of interior walls and ceiling designs that could revolutionise how you look at these traditional parts of a building too. The team have built up an immense amount of experience in this field – over twenty years in all – and are now able to offer their clients a unique perspective on how to achieve success.

Stretch ceilings bring many benefits when compared to their conventional counterparts, with the fabric used acting as a sustainable, eco-friendly, affordable, and innovative material for creating a unique interior design and atmosphere in both residential spaces and commercial buildings. The flexibility of use means that the team have been invited to work on numerous projects, including bedrooms, living rooms and bathrooms within the house as well as restaurants, hotels and office spaces. Each project is unique, and brings its own specific set of circumstances for the team to work within. Needless to say, they have proven themselves to be incredibly adaptable over the years, meeting the often stringent requirements that are demanded of them.

The latest projects that the team at Ceiling Tech has been involved in has seen them enter into the heart of London. They have completed a project at the renowned Harrods store, as well as 135 Bishopsgate,100 Bishopsgate and 22 Bishopsgate. Naturally, each of these cases has demanded the highest quality of workmanship in order to match the standards of the brands involved. Being present in such a prestigious location as Harrods showcases the trust which this historic brand places in this relatively new technology and the potential they see in its implementation in their store. The team has also seen their products used in projects in Sybarite Architects office, an office at HSBC and an UGG shop. Each use of a Ceiling Tech product means creating a ceiling that is just a little different from the norm.

Of course, the use of a Ceiling Tech product has many benefits for projects, as it opens up new possibilities that have never been seen before. Perhaps the most clear example of this is the way in which the system can be used for wall coverings and as a light diffuser. Many have adapted the Ceiling Tech system to create floating panels for exhibitions, as well as making use of the format to create 3D shapes, domes and vaults.

As standard, the team offers their Textile Stretch fabric alongside PVC Stretch ceilings and Mirror Stretch film. Suspended light panels can be made, specifically to fit into whatever arrangement has been created, no matter how unusual the design. With such enormous potential hidden within the construction, it’s little wonder that the question is never what can you do with stretch ceilings, but where do you stop?

The unique properties of the material ensure that it can easily be removed and reinstalled if access is required, without the challenges of a regular ceiling that is built into the property. The nature of the construction also means that light fixtures, grilles and fixing points can be incorporated using a proprietary background support. This provides the perfect basis for the transmittance of light diffusion and backlighting as well as projection. The system is entirely waterproof, entirely washable and impermeable to vapour making its usage in a variety of situations eminently practical. Areas which deal with high humidity, such as pools and spas, have found that a Ceiling Tech solution offers a creative appearance while also embracing newfound levels of practicality.

For designers and architects, the flexibility offered by Ceiling Tech is really second to none. The fabric used accepts any printed image or graphic, but can also be painted. Building in this degree of control means that it is the perfect option for a bold statement of intent from a designer who wants to put their own mark on a project, or for a brand that wants the option to change and rotate the membrane to give specific messages of the moment. The use of stretch ceiling fabric also means that sound takes on a whole new dimension, being easily controlled without having to compromise the cosmetic look desired.

The Ceiling Tech team have a proven track record in the field, and are proud to offer a comprehensive service that ensures that their clients have the best in the business when it comes to stretch ceilings. They work closely with what is planned, offering their expert advice in order to ensure that each project goes without a hitch. The team of talented designers are able to create bespoke stretch ceilings that meet the specific needs of a hotel or building complex, as well as ensuring that it can easily and practically be installed by a gang of professionals. No two projects are the same, and the team approaches each with the knowledge that the needs of the moment are in constant flux.

Naturally, Ceiling Tech has worked on projects that cover a variety of different scales, both large and small scale. Each is treated with the same level of care and attention regardless. Having international partnerships with various parties means that the team is always able to deliver the highest possible standards of service. This has been proven through the

team’s various projects with some of the industry’s most renowned builders.

With such a comprehensive service offered in the form of Ceiling Tech, it’s little wonder that the team has branched out into new and exciting areas. The company is able to provide LED strip lighting applications that combine energy saving technology with a long life and exceptional lighting. When considering the installation of a Ceiling Tech solution, clients rest easy because they know that their unique lighting arrangement is being tackled at the same time and built into the literal fabric of its construction. The team have the experience to apply all wireless managed and colour changing systems in-house.

For the team at Ceiling Tech, the future is one that is very bright indeed. They offer not just a product that is unlike others on the market, but one which is completed to the highest standards too. This has not just brought them to attention in the heart of

London, but around the world. At the moment, the team are exploring the delivery of a project in Cairo, in Egypt as well as three big projects within the UK and a potential project in China. As more and more people discover the potential that lies behind stretch ceilings, they are certain to turn to Ceiling Tech, as the world’s leading provider of this technology.

At the end of the day, when customers are looking for an innovative solution, Ceiling Tech offer the perfect way forward. Their work is of the highest standard, while also being incredibly versatile. One of the benefits of choosing a stretch ceiling for your next project is the way in which it opens up a world of new possibilities. Who better to explore those possibilities with, than one of the best in the business?


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