More for Less Remodeling is a reliable remodeling business that makes a huge difference to the homes of Missouri. With over two decades behind it, More for Less Remodeling has built an empire. Here we take a closer look at what it does as it wins this award in the Home and Garden Awards 2023.

Our home is a place where we can relax at the end of a long day. We can grow our family and create memories together, grow together, and simply exist in a blissful harmony with our personal passions.

Remodeling services such as transforming kitchens and bathrooms, as well as the creation of custom basements and additional living spaces, are much needed by a huge number of the population. Our houses are a reflection of us, and they are the place we turn into our homes – so that we can learn, grow, and discover more about who we, and our loved ones, are.

More for Less Remodeling is a one-stop-shop for all of our remodeling needs and wishes. It promises excellence – and it always delivers. This home improvements business doesn’t simply save time and money, but it prioritises customer satisfaction so that everyone can experience a premium service.

When it comes to time, More for Less Remodeling understands that time is precious, and we only have so much of it to dedicate to large projects before we run out of motivation, inspiration, and strength. This is where More for Less Remodeling truly shines. It can completely transmogrify your space in a fantastically small amount of time, especially in comparison to how long other companies or individuals could potentially take to do the same job.

Offering perfect planning from the very beginning, More for Less Remodeling helps homeowners with price and materials, right through to installation and transformation. It strives to cater to its customers’ needs, whilst keeping them up-to-speed on what can be done, giving them an honest service. This ensures that each customer is entirely aware of what is possible, and what is a design that will stand the test of time once applied to their home.

With regards to pricing, More for Less Remodeling isn’t the most or least expensive. It is simply fair. We could save a lot of money by choosing More for Less Remodeling, in comparison to doing things ourselves if we are inexperienced, in comparison to employing a team of people that don’t work as well as a team, or in comparison to using materials that don’t last and require us to re-do our work again in the future.

The More for Less Remodeling team guarantees that it will create the home of your dreams, on time and every time, so that you can truly express yourself and live life to the full.

As a local family-owned and run business, More for Less Remodeling serves the Metro St. Louis area with confidence and pride. The entire team are more than just employees. Although they are valued cogs in More for Less Remodeling’s well-oiled machine, they are also members of the family. They ensure each customer has what they need, and they work as a team to make sure the business can operate smoothly for the future as well as the present moment.

Never failing to show how they care; they apply their knowledge and expertise to each project. Their passion shines through every remodeling job and, no matter the size of the project, they all have something of value to add.

They also make customers feel safe and secure in their own homes, while they work tirelessly to perfect and produce the best outcome for them. With helpful suggestions for arrangements, materials, and maintenance, contact and help doesn’t simply stop after the initial consultation. The team guides the customer through the entire journey because that’s exactly what it is – a journey to be enjoyed.

Never using subcontractors, Owners, Chris and Angela Courtwright, have hand-picked and constructed a team that is comprised of dedicated individuals that are permanently part of the team. They take care of each project as though it is within their own homes, and they are there to support customers at any point throughout the process.

Chris and Angela are proud of their team and, although they are the owners, they are involved in everything small and large detail on a daily basis. They treat their staff members like family and offer them great benefits. Not only this, but they have weekly meetings on Fridays to catch up and host raffles for fun. There’s plenty of fun to be had at More for Less Remodeling, as the large team have years of friendship between them.

This atmosphere of friendly, happy, and respectful interactions extends to each customer experience, securing ongoing relationships with customers from all around the area. Chris tells us, “Our goal is to go beyond your expectations – meeting a budget, timely completion, and quality of workmanship. Our dedication to intelligent solutions and customer satisfaction is the core of our philosophy. We’ve combined our deep expertise with a renowned level of integrity and transparency, serving as the foundation for all we do.”

More for Less Remodeling has acquired the vacant Police department and the run down car wash to rehabilitate and add to their showrooms. Taking places that were unused and transforming them into places where we can experience greatness and inspiration, the whole team has done the area proud.

Opening their newest showroom in 2018 and awarded the Harold O. Kessler Beautification Commercial New Construction Award in 2021, from St. Lous County, MO, More for Less Remodeling has consistently become recognised for its work.

More for Less Remodeling’s unique selling point has to be the amount of heart that the entire team puts into every project. They have created a red-carpet service that means they can handle everything from the very start to the end steps, and they all believe in their motto, “More Quality Less Headache”.

Its favourite project to date is its current remodeling project where it is totally transforming a kitchen and four bathrooms. Its ability to create stunning, pristine spaces such as these blows its customers away.

As just one example of the kind of reviews More for Less Remodeling gets, a delighted customer – Edward Aguado – took the time to say, “I have had a whole lot of experience dealing with contractors and I can say I would recommend this company to anyone. I was stunned when I realized the amount of time and relentless effort the team and especially Chris would put into every last detail of my bathroom remodel. Honestly, I was intimidated prior to starting my bathroom remodel. I knew I wanted a high-end job but had no idea where to begin.

“Chris and his lovely wife Angela walked me through every step of the way. I was also IMPRESSED with the way they built from scratch my custom-built basin. I must have talked to 4 other contractors about this project and Chris was the only one that smiled and said, “that’s easy”. The bottom line is this company built me a top-notch high-end bathroom at a very fair price and they finished way ahead of schedule! Hire him…. you will not regret it!”

In 2018, More for Less Remodeling won in the Better Business Bureau (BBB) TORCH Awards for BBB Servicing Eastern & Southwest Missouri & Southern Illinois. “The TORCH Awards recognize businesses and charities that exemplify high ethics in their treatment of customers, employees, and suppliers. Nine businesses and three charities are being recognized in 2018!” More for Less Remodeling has won multiple awards over its lifespan and being a multi-award-winning company, it has truly earned a lot of respect for itself.

It has now won Best Kitchen & Bathroom Remodeling Company, Missouri, from us at BUILD. We are overjoyed to have had the opportunity to unveil More for Less Remodeling as the winner of this accolade. And we are sure to see More for Less Remodeling go on to achieve even more wonderful things as it consistently pampers its customers.

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