What keeps industry going? How can you be certain that your machines will keep on running, no matter what? For many companies, it’s down to the hard work and diligent mindset of the team at Mile High Millwrights & Maintenance. Recognised for their achievements in the food and manufacturing industry, we can’t wait to find out how they’ve reached such heights of success.

Manufacturing is a major part of the US economy, enjoying a major resurgence over the last few years, but maintaining the enormous machines that keep industry running is no easy task. To ensure that businesses can continue to operate requires incredible skill, but the talent pool for those who can commit to supporting day to day operations is increasingly small. Many businesses have the capacity to fix the little problems that arise, but most require help from partner organisations to ensure that they can continue operating.

It’s businesses such as MHMM that tackle the big challenges that these businesses face, taking on the burden of ensuring that they can continue to provide the vital equipment and goods we need. Offering an innovative and flexible solution to their clients, the team have become an invaluable resource to their customers. Maintenance and engineering departments alike have sung the praises of the team’s remarkable response to the various situations that have arisen, no matter what speciality is required.

Since opening their doors, the team at MHMM have specialised in supporting food manufacturing plants and restaurants, offering preventive maintenance, repairs and installation on equipment. No job is too big or too small for this leading service provider, as they take on individual pieces of equipment and full new lines of products with equal levels of success. The plants play a crucial role in the ways in which we live, producing items such as bread, buns, rolls, sweet goods, breakfast items, snacks, health bars, beverage and food spreads. It’s the team at MHMM, however, that keep these businesses running to the highest possible standards.

MHMM is a relatively new firm, with founders Rick and Celeste Drew only opening their doors to the service industry in 2018. They had a single employee and operated out of the family garage with a handful of customers. It soon became clear that there was enormous demand for their stunning services and since then the business has grown to its current level of success. Many well-known clients depend upon their efforts whether it’s consulting on plant support capital projects or being called out at all times of the day and night when there’s a breakdown.

No two projects are the same, but each is approached with the same attention to detail that provides a truly trendsetting approach to business. High standards are always hard to set, and even harder to maintain, but the team makes the process look incredibly easy. With various stakeholders involved in most projects, they make a commitment to keeping in contact at regular intervals. To provide the leading service that customers expect, MHMM undertakes to explore and examine the full scope of any project, how it fits into the broader ambitions of the business and manage customer expectation through the creation of a realistic timeline of deliverables. This is made as simple as possible through the use of a Gantt chart.

Two of the most recent projects the team were involved in saw them entrusted with the movement of manufacturing plants from one location to another. Logistically, this complex process saw the team working closely alongside various other service providers to ensure a smooth process. The first project was the movement of a full production line from California to Denver, with the MHMM team handling the electrical and mechanical installation in Colorado. The second customer project was much the same, seeing two plans moved into a new, single location, alongside the installation of a third line of new equipment.

The team’s involvement in these projects was only possible thanks to their attitude of putting people first at all times. Throughout the process, MHMM kept a close eye on how the situation was developing and made sure that their clients were aware of precisely what was happening. As such, the MHMM team could adapt quickly to any changes that might have arisen, presenting themselves as honest, with an immense about of integrity and accountability.

As a company committed to providing exceptional services, the range of what is on offer is exceptional indeed. The team’s expertise means they have the capacity to provide staffing in terms of Plant Maintenance Managers, Project Managers, Parts Department Manager, Maintenance Shift Foremen and Line Maintenance Technicians. These positions can be filled temporarily whilst you find replacements for your own staff or in the long term if you need positions filled for specific projects.

MHMM stands at the forefront of the servicing industry, taking care of many of the inter-mountain region’s many local foodservice restaurants and food manufacturing plants. The success of the business has seen it reach out beyond these territories, however, and spread its service to food manufacturers throughout the US. With such an impressive track record of success, it can be of little surprise that the team has been able garner such remarkable support.

None of this would be possible, however, without an incredible team committed to the strong values held by Rick and Celeste Drew. The skilled team they have built up from those humble beginnings are the beating heart of the organisation. Without them, MHMM would not have reached such stunning heights of success. With new projects always around the corner, the team are always being trained in new skills or the development of old ones so that they can continue to offer the same high quality to which many have become accustomed.

Skill is something which a person builds over time as opposed to a quality someone is born with. As such, MHMM runs an apprentice training program specifically to improve the talent pool in the future. Whilst the development of the team as it stands is important, it’s also essential to ensure that there is always one eye on the future of the industry as a whole. This farsightedness is, perhaps, a key differentiator compared to many of the firm’s competitors.

These services are also offered to the companies they partner with, with the team offering extensive training at all levels alongside audits on all departments, InfraRed reports and troubleshooting as well as equipment inspection and rebuilds. The MHMM team have truly set the standard for the rest of the industry to follow.

The future seems incredibly bright for this amazing firm, with several new contracts in hand for the last quarter of 2022. The majority of these revolve around new plant installations, leveraging the team’s incredible ability in this area. The team has also grown the electrical side of the business, and it’s hoped that by 2023, this part of the business will have as many customers as the Millwright side. In the long run, the team are also exploring the potential of offering HVAC Chiller and Glycol services.

Alongside this work, the MHMM team have developing a new design for a conveyor which will be maintenance-friendly as well as cost-effective. The team’s expertise working for many different clients has allowed them a unique insight into how best to produce this new product.

It isn’t the first time that the MHMM team have developed a product for use in the manufacturing process. Their innovative Ingredient Savers, designed to help customers save on usable ingredients, has proven immensely popular. Often, ingredients can rest under the exit spout of the tote, containing liquid product. The Ingredient Savers are a way for employees to safely remove this valuable product without fear of losing control of the tote. The future of the business will see more of these innovations being produced by the team.

The power of the US manufacturing sector is incredible, with enormous potential still as yet untapped. With their intimate knowledge of the industry, the team at MHMM have been able to set new standards for maintenance. Taking a holistic view of how their clients work has ensured they are always pushing forward into exciting new areas. When asking the question “what keeps industry going?”, the answer for many is, of course, Mile High Millwrights & Maintenance.

For business enquiries, contact Rick & Celeste Drew from Mile High Millwrights & Maintenance via email – [email protected]/[email protected] or on their website – www.milehighmillwrights.com