With an eye for innovation at all times, Ei Construcción has made a name for itself as a leading provider of design and construction services. Their collaborative spirit stands apart from the crowd. With such success behind them in the Construction and Engineering Awards, we thought it time to dig a little deeper into the secrets of this intrepid team’s many and remarkable achievements.

The challenge of working in design and construction often goes beyond the practicalities of delivery. With enough resources, anything can be built in almost any timeframe. What sets the good apart from the best, therefore, is the ability to create a stunning result that meets a specific set of needs on a predetermined budget. More than simply overcoming logistical issues, Ei Construcción has thrived thanks to an approach which always takes the needs of the client into account.

Right from the start, it’s worth considering that the Ei Construcción team often don’t go out to tender for a project. Their skill and ingenuity are renowned throughout the industry, giving the team the ability to very much choose what projects they undertake. Clients often come to them with exciting ideas that they develop and collaborate on. Key to what Ei Construcción bring to any job is an innovative edge that sets them apart from the competition. With 32 years of experience in the industry, there are very few challenges they haven’t faced, and even fewer they have yet to overcome.

The team’s incredible skill has reached out into bold new areas, with the team offering their services in Mexico, Texas and New Mexico. If a project involves design, construction, and facilities contracts, Ei Construcción has the technical ability to make it work. The immense value that they bring to any project is clear from the way in which they are such effective collaborators. Over the years, the team has learned that the easiest way to guarantee 100% satisfaction is to make sure that everybody’s expectations are the same. The time spent perfecting a design on paper is saved tenfold once the construction process begins.

New projects showcase the attitude of the Ei Construcción team particularly well, especially the way in which they investigate and integrate the ideas behind the building. For them, the client’s brief is only one part of the puzzle. Just as important is understanding precisely what is required of them once the project has been complete so that the team is able to incorporate the right features in the best possible way. To provide continuous feedback, the team undertake a process of constantly referring back to the clients. By the end of the design process, the team will have all the information they need to bring their projects into startling reality.

When it comes to building new and innovative projects, one that has achieved acclaim is the Founder’s freight terminal. The Ei Construcción team was responsible for the design and development of this impressive structure, specifically tailored towards the needs of truck drivers. It was funded by Transportes Soto e Hijos, a firm which has long committed to offering an exceptional transport service to the people of Mexico. They wanted a building to act as a flagship for their services, and the spearhead for their move into the US market.

A team of experts were assembled to act as consultants on the projects, including truck drivers, a truck designer, trucks workshop mechanics, hoist experts, compressor experts, warehouse managers and experts in the logistics of moving goods across international borders. This pool of knowledge was an invaluable guide as the Ei Construcción team began to develop their plans.

On their side, Ei Construcción employed the services of a lighting designer, a skylight expert, solar energy expert, security and communication systems expert, internet expert and furniture expert to work alongside the standard design team of a civil engineer, architects, structural engineer, electrical and mechanical engineer and the landscaping designer. This ensured that whilst the project would fulfil the unique requirements demanded of it, it would also be able to lead the way in terms of green technology.

Sustainable principles drive a lot of what the Ei Construcción design team does, with a desire to take care of Mother Earth at the heart of many of their decisions. Any construction project will disturb the balance of the world, but there are choices which can be made to make the impact as small as possible. The less damage done, the better. To this end, on this project, the team have sought to make the most of the potential of solar panels, lighting controls and skylights that do not transmit heat, and so consume as little energy as possible.

The success of these decisions will become clear as the building enters operation. The facility is forecast to use only 20% of the energy supplied by El Paso Electric compared to a building with similar capacities. Of course, solar panels are only one aspect of sustainability, and what elevates the Ei Construcción team is their holistic approach to the matter. The team try on every project to incorporate various different ways of securing sustainability. This might mean reusing water where possible, as well as designing gardens so they use as little water as possible.

Whilst delayed considerably as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, the new freight terminal is set to be an incredible success for the firm. It embraces the potential of modern technology and the ideas that people will want to see in the future. One of the best examples of this is the way in which the team have explored the needs of future generations. To find ways of ensuring that they work comfortably, the team included a flexible open work area which gives ease of communication and possibilities of different work and leisure positions. They also designed an area in the landscape specially for meditation and praying, calling it “El Jardin de los Olivos” or “The Olive Garden”

Now complete, it’s clear that the truck terminal meets the high standards that the Transportes Soto e Hijos team had dreamed of. Despite taking two years to complete, the quality imbued at each stage of the design and construction process is obvious. Now, the terminal stands apart as an example of a world-class facility for truck drivers and for the staff who work there. Since opening its doors, the team’s hard work has been justly recognised as one of the best facilities in the region.

The success of this project was not always guaranteed, with the team forced to stop work just before construction because of the COVID-19 pandemic. People were severely restricted in how they could live and work. Whilst the team were quickly able to continue on the project as it was infrastructure, the completion was delayed significantly because of the unforeseen consequences of the pandemic. The various restrictions in place affected delivery of materials and the ability for the workforce to operate. Scheduled to be constructed in eight months, the terminal took twice that amount of time to complete. That it was done to such a high standard is a credit to the team’s hard work and attention to detail.

No project is completed by a single company. Here are just some of the firms involved in bringing this impressive project to life!

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Ainsa Hutson Hester & Crews LLP

All Trades electrical contractors


B&G Mechanical

Border Solar

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Canyon Glass Company

City of El Paso

Crescent electric supply company

Crossland & Co Insurance Agency

Delcon Industries, Inc.

Dorney Security Systems Inc.

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Ei Architects

EP Home Security Experts, Inc.

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Loi engineers

Mesa Equipment and Supply company

Miner, Ltd.

Protech Roofing Systems, LLC

Power Punch signs and printing

PSRBB Industrial Group, Inc


Solatube Commercial

Tacho’s welding

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Transportes Soto e Hijos & Traso, LLC.

Trane El Paso

Vantage bank

Western States Fire Protection Co.


ZTEX Construction, Inc.

When heading into unpredictable areas, Ei Construcción is the ideal partner. With legalisation of cannabis in New Mexico recently achieved, the firm was tasked with the construction of a greenhouse for the growth of the plant. Having never undertaken a project of this sort before, it has proved to be a major learning curve for the team, but one which provided a wealth of knowledge that many others won’t have.

This project is still in development, and has opened the door for the team to collaborate with a host of cannabis experts from the state of California. Already, there is a need for expansion with warehouses to support the greenhouse that will work in a similar way to clean rooms. The level of sophistication demanded by the cannabis industry means that the buildings have to be of the highest possible standard, essentially forming huge clean rooms as opposed to the traditional image of a greenhouse. The ability to control every aspect of the building’s climate, including humidity, temperature, lighting and dust, as well as not allowing pests or bugs inside showcases how the team constantly raise their standards to meet the needs of their clients.

Although this was a new industry for the team to work in, the Ei Construcción team would happily work with clients in the cannabis industry again. Not only is this an emerging market, but it is one which will demand a high standard of construction that the Ei Construcción team can deliver. In many ways, working with their client in the cannabis industry was more akin to working on a project on a medical production facility. Having built a new set of experiences in this niche, the team are ready to grow to new heights of success.

The future seems incredibly bright for the team at Ei Construcción, with new projects coming the fore after many were cancelled in the light of the pandemic. What is clear is that the last three decades have not stifled or slowed the team at all. In fact, they have continued to broaden their outlook and perspective on the construction industry. The innovative streak that has always set the firm apart has remained as strong as ever.

For business enquiries, contact Roberto Delgado from Ei Construcción via email – [email protected] or on their website – eiconstruccion.com