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When one envisions luxury renovation, they may not pause to consider the exceptional levels of planning, expertise, and finesse required to achieve their ideal result. As such, it’s all too common for homeowners to work alongside contractors who are more focused on the end product than the steps it takes to get there. Though it may seem as though there’s nothing wrong with this approach, it’s what often leaves renovations in need of revisiting before they’ve even had time to shine. Thankfully, Abbey Extensions & Renovations is on-hand to ensure that London’s homeowners needn’t tumble into any industry pitfalls in the pursuit of obtaining their perfect home.

Primarily specialising in carrying out luxury renovations and extensions on some of London’s highest calibre properties, Abbey Extensions & Renovations is a reputable architectural contractor whose exceptional eye for quality has seen it impressing families and homeowners alike. Typically working alongside affluent property owners who are hoping to update, enlarge, or enhance their pre-existing spaces, the company has committed itself to destigmatising the architectural industry through its breadth of capabilities. Empowered by its high standards, and propelled forward by the faith and respect of its fellow collaborators, Abbey Extensions & Renovations has quickly defined itself as an entity able to provide an end product that every party involved can be proud of.

Since its establishment, Abbey Extensions & Renovations has kept a tight focus on developing processes that are specifically designed to help it remain diligent, while simultaneously keeping its standards high. In doing so, it’s managed to create a structure that defies what most expect from the present industry – where most customers are starting to expect disappointment, Abbey Extensions & Renovations instead wholly pledges itself to guaranteeing a spectacular result, no matter the restrictions of a project. It’s rare that such dedication manifests within the current renovation and extension trade, and yet Abbey Extensions & Renovations is an anomaly in all of the best ways possible.

Though Abbey Extensions & Renovations prides itself on its ability to complete roughly 35-40 projects a year – each to the highest degree of quality – one crowning achievement stands out among the rest. This accomplishment takes the form of its fulfilled Herne Hill renovation project. Situated on Rollscourt Avenue, the Herne Hill property is a period home that, while beautiful on the outside, was outdated on the inside. Its occupants – a family with only six months to spare before they had to move in – found themselves seeking a capable hand and a team of visionaries to bring their hopes for the property to life, and it was at this point that they reached out to the acclaimed Abbey Extensions & Renovations.

Despite it seeming as though such a renovation would be relatively straightforward, it was far from it. In fact, Abbey Extensions & Renovations found itself working alongside a multitude of third parties throughout the duration of the Herne Hill project, meaning that various schedules had to align in order to ensure the client’s wishes were fulfilled within the strict six-month time frame. Abbey Extensions & Renovations, however, applied all of its resources to coordinate each party involved, while also attentively compiling a vast array of challenging materials into a cohesive structure throughout the property. In short, the project was considered an exceptionally tricky one indeed, and yet Abbey Extensions & Renovations became the adhesive that held the process together.

The result? A beautiful property that merges contemporary architecture with period personality to create a timeless space in which any individual would be honoured to spend their time. From the classic finishes in the spacious bathroom, to the seamless archways and embedded bookcases, Abbey Extensions & Renovations, partnered with the exceptional design of Studio Sedge, has managed to renovate a property that now reflects its exceptional prowess wherever one may look. Beyond luxurious, Herne Hill is easily the pinnacle of Abbey Extensions & Renovations’ capabilities – not only did it exceed the expectations of its inhabitants, but it demonstrated just how invaluable the collective’s services are within the wider industry. Despite the high levels of pressure, Abbey Extensions & Renovations persevered, all in the name of creating something it’s proud of.

At its heart, Abbey Extensions & Renovations knows that it’s fantastic at what it does, and it’s eager to showcase this talent to any clients seeking a high calibre renovation or extension. However, it’s no secret that monetary challenges have become a critical roadblock for most contractors and design firms, with many specialists struggling to onboard projects without cutting their costs. Though more appealing to customers, these lowered prices notoriously indicate the use of cheaper materials, unsteady tactics, and an overall process that could leave any renovation or extension prone to revising only a couple of years after completion.

Having noticed this, Abbey Extensions & Renovations vowed to be a voice of reason within the industry. True, there are companies that may be able to carry out a job for a cheaper price, but customers must face the reality that paying less means receiving less. Abbey Extensions & Renovations plays a crucial role in raising awareness of the importance of choosing a renovator and extension specialist that prioritises longevity over all else – a trait that has seen it consistently remaining the top choice for homeowners who are prepared to invest in renovations that are made to last a lifetime. In essence, Abbey Extensions & Renovations has succeeded in creating a business that represents the best of the best in the industry, to the point where, even during quiet periods, it’s able to stay at the forefront of the market.

In fact, as a result of this staggering success, Abbey Extensions & Renovations has actually taken the plunge into rebranding itself as a group in the upcoming future. Hoping to develop into two branches – Abbey Extensions & Renovations: specialising in renovations, and Nuloft: focusing solely on loft conversions – the collective is prepared to go above and beyond to continuously reposition itself to be the very best at its craft. In doing so, it hopes to provide the people of London with further expertise, allowing them to carefully select the perfect service to suit their needs, without having to fret about whether or not they’ll receive the outcome they’re hoping for. Abbey Extensions & Renovations guarantees exceptionality, and has never faltered in proving as much.

Of course, without having the right people on-hand to carry out a project, it may be near impossible to succeed. Having identified this from the beginning of its lifespan, Abbey Extensions & Renovations went out of its way to ensure that, no matter the scope of a project, it would allocate all of the right staff on a per-project basis. Essentially, this allows for each individual to play to their strengths, ultimately creating a prosperous environment within which each person can truly flourish. With sights set on achieving the desired outcome for clients, Abbey Extensions & Renovations dedicates itself to laying the groundwork first. From there, the rest naturally unfolds into a display of unrivalled excellence.

It may seem straightforward to some, but Abbey Extensions & Renovations has transformed team management into something of an art. Once a request is made, the collective spends plenty of time preparing, getting documents, having meetings, and essentially ensuring that each person understands what to expect throughout the timeline of any project. Following this, those managing said project go out of their way to consult each individual involved in order to make them completely aware of what’s expected of them on a more personal level. Even when a project has commenced production, Abbey Extensions & Renovations upholds its commitment to hosting multiple meetings, enabling it to remain flexible in the face of unforeseen fluctuations.

As an entity boasting such a stellar team, it’s little wonder that the management behind Abbey Extensions & Renovations is highly recognised as a star-studded collection of individuals. Property owners simply won’t find a better management team in terms of qualifications, with each person possessing an abundance of industry expertise that far exceeds that of the competition. For instance, Steven Gilbert – the director of the company – is a Level 7 Senior Construction Manager who has spent his years working on over 300 residential projects, while simultaneously creating connections with various architects and developers.

Additionally, Steven has long since earned himself the title of ‘chartered construction manager’ and ‘CIOB member’, uniquely setting Abbey Extensions & Renovations apart as a chartered construction company. Combine this with the fact that the additional members of the Abbey Extensions & Renovations management team – Tani Seferi and Jack Gazza – share almost two decades of combined experience between them, in tandem with a Level 6 NVQ in Senior Construction Management, and you’ve got an exceptional renovation and extension group whose award-winning reputation has been rightfully earned.

As a testament to this powerhouse of a trio, we would like to share the words of one of Abbey Extensions & Renovations’ previous clients – “Steve, Tani and the Abbey team completed a full renovation of our house, working closely with our architects. The renovation was completed on time, on budget, and to an excellent standard. We could not be happier with the quality of the work and the end result. We were very impressed with Abbey’s professionalism, proactiveness, and communication throughout the 6 month duration of the project. Any issues identified were dealt with straight away and with a collaborative approach, which we really appreciated. Since the main renovation was completed, we’ve had Abbey back to complete some smaller jobs, and their responsiveness and quality of work has continued to be top notch.”

In short, Abbey Extensions & Renovations is a collective whose skill is outweighed only by its passion and professionalism. Able to seamlessly navigate the world of renovation and extension, it has managed to put tangible plans in place to align as a larger group, with the hope that both companies can run side by side in order to offer even more to the people of London. All the while, Abbey Extensions & Renovations is dedicated to remaining diligent, be it through consistent training, onboarding new staff members, or ensuring that each person is up to date with whatever changes the industry may implement next.

Time and time again, Abbey Extensions & Renovations has demonstrated a spectacular knack for getting the job done right, making it a valuable companion throughout any property’s journey. Of course, this is all in service of one particular goal – to renovate or extend a customer’s property to the very best of the industry’s ability. Promising to make changes that are stylish, beautiful, and built to last, Abbey Extensions & Renovations has earned its position as an irrefutable master of its craft. Here at BUILD magazine, we’re pleased to extend our congratulations to Abbey Extensions & Renovations for the progress it has made, and we’re eager to see what new projects lie on the horizon.

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