Building a nice new commercial space is a great achievement, but it’s only the first step of making your business a success. You’ve got all kinds of things to consider including acoustics, heating and cooling, and electrical fittings. One thing that some people neglect on their commercial properties is the doors they use. You might think that any door will do for your office or retail store, but that is far from true. Different types of doors have different advantages and styles and understanding the differences can help you choose which one best suits your needs. Therefore, here are some useful tips that will help you choose the doors for your commercial space.


Automatic Sliding Doors

These doors are pretty self-explanatory and operate on a sliding mechanism. They can be made of different materials such as wood or glass, but they are most often seen in aluminum. One of the main benefits of automatic sliding doors is the ease with which they open since you merely have to push them to get inside your commercial space whereas traditional doors need handles. Automatic doors are great for entrances that have high traffic because there’s no need to put much effort into opening them every time somebody wants to enter. These types of commercial spaces include retail stores where people come in all day long.


New Age Sliding Doors

New age sliding doors are also known as pocket sliders because these types of doors slide into pockets that have been built into the walls. Like their automatic counterparts, sliding doors are operated on a sliding mechanism and offer the same benefits of convenience and style. They are great for retail spaces because of their large glass panels that enable passersby to peek inside once the door is open. There’s also more privacy afforded with pocket sliders because only customers can see inside whereas anybody can peer through your storefront windows.


Swinging Doors

Swinging doors are perhaps the most familiar type of commercial door out there. They have been around for centuries and even though they might seem outdated to some, they are still very popular today for many reasons. First of all, swinging doors are great at keeping noise from escaping so if you’re running a retail or office space where employees need to concentrate on their work, these types of doors will help prevent distractions. Secondly, since swinging doors are divided into two parts, opening them doesn’t require much effort nor do they use up too much storage space when not in use which is why many manufacturers choose this model over fancier alternatives.


Folding Doors

Folding doors are another popular choice that offers something vastly different than most other types of commercial doors. Folding doors are usually made of glass and often act as partitions between spaces instead of complete doors. They can be used to separate an office breakroom from the hallway, for example, so that only one person can come through at a time. This helps with efficiency and productivity since people won’t keep on moving back and forth every time they need to go to the lavatory or refill their water bottle in the kitchenette down the hall. Plus, it provides visual relief due to the large glass panels which would otherwise give somebody walking by a clear view into your private meeting room.

Choosing the right kind of door does not only give you a product that lasts but also opens up possibilities for different interior designs. Any of the models described above will stand the test of time and provide many benefits over traditional doors, so use these tips to help you make an informed decision and build a commercial space that will truly impress everyone.