Construction machinery is a type of heavy equipment that needs regular maintenance and proper operation. As a significant company asset with a hefty price tag attached to it, it’s crucial to keep your machines in top shape at all times.

Heavy equipment is essential because your business may not function without it. Excavators, backhoes, cranes, and trucks make building an expansive commercial property happen. Once any of these pieces of equipment break down, it’s going to cost thousands in lost revenues.

Construction machinery needs to be maintained to ensure continued productivity. Thus, here are some tips to protect the lifeline of such a vital asset:


1. Ensure That The Machine Operators Know The Machines 

Only hire experienced construction equipment operators to make sure that your machines are handled properly. Make sure these operators know what they’re doing and that they’re properly trained to know the functions of specific machine parts. Some construction equipment manufacturers and distributors, including mobile crane suppliers, may provide free training to operators.   

Operators should know the nitty-gritty of the machines before operating them. Construction machinery inspection, operation, and safety should be foremost in your operators’ minds.    


2. It Pays To Conduct Preventive Maintenance  

As part of establishing a culture of safety in construction, your company should adhere to manufacturer standards in terms of maintenance works and schedule. Preventive maintenance ensures that your machine works well, and that small issues are spotted early on, preventing large-scale breakdown and repairs from happening.   

Taking heed of manufacturers’ recommended maintenance advice should help your equipment fulfill its functions more efficiently. These recommendations are drafted with the owner’s benefit in mind, although some may disagree.

You can ask your operator to perform a quick check after using the machine, while you need to schedule another one for a more thorough inspection.    


3. Schedule Regular Cleaning

Construction sites are known to be muddy, dusty, bumpy, and with challenging terrains, exposing the pieces of machinery to extremely harsh conditions. This can take a toll on the machine’s parts, making breakdowns inevitable. Dirty machines break down much faster than well-maintained pieces of equipment.  

Before this could happen, ensure that your trucks and machines are properly cleaned to remove mud and other particles that could get stuck and eventually damage your construction equipment.  You can have them cleaned by your maintenance crew, who should be trained to perform check-ups as well.        


4. Protect Electrical Wiring

Apart from dust, mud, and harsh site conditions, you should also protect your pricey construction machinery from unforgiving weather conditions, particularly the winter season. Snow and melting ice, as well as a heavy downpour, can expose your machines to potential corrosion, being that most parts of your machines are made from metal.

Ideally, your assets should be protected and properly parked in a garage and protected from these elements if they’re not being used. In the absence of a proper shade, secure your machinery with a tarp to shield its wiring components from water leakage.    


5. Know Which Components Need More Attention  

There are a few things you need to pay attention to when checking construction machinery. Below are the parts that may need more focus:


  • Oil leakage. Leaks in your machinery can go unnoticed if you don’t check your equipment regularly. While most of you may think that leaks are harmless and only result in wasted fluids, it’s possible to have a greater impact on the environment and on your employees. Oil leaks can be slippery, and if they gather into a puddle, they may cause workplace accidents, such as slips and falls.
  • Misalignment of axles. Challenging terrain can take a huge toll on your machine. Trucks may become vulnerable in the face of traveling to and from severely uneven grounds on a daily basis. This may lead to a misalignment in the truck’s axles, resulting in your truck running erratically, which could lead to accidents.  


6. Perform Regular Lubrication

Heavy construction machinery can also benefit from regular oil changes and greasing. Choosing the right lubricant for your heavy machineries helps your equipment to become more productive and reliable.  

For engine oils, check the manufacturer’s guidelines, particularly the viscosity and performance-enhancing properties.


7. Keep All Maintenance Records

All of the reports about problems encountered and the services or repairs done should be written down in your heavy construction machines’ book. Having a complete list of these items ensures that issues are tracked and maintenance schedules are done on time.     

Include the fluid refills done in your machine. Some types of construction equipment need various types of fluid, such as antifreeze, coolants, and transmission liquids, which also need to be checked and refilled on a regular basis. A leaky valve will alert your maintenance staff of potential problems.     

Having complete entries on record also establishes continuity and helps your company carry on with the maintenance tasks even if the employee in charge of the task is transferred or decides to resign.


Bottom Line

Construction machinery is a company’s vital asset. Keeping it in good condition is helpful in reducing downtime, increasing productivity, and extending its lifespan.

Additionally, keeping your machines in good shape helps retain their resale price, which comes in handy if you decide to sell them.