If you’re planning a home upgrade, whether it’s for increasing its value on the real estate market or you’re simply looking for new additions that will make living in it more pleasurable or practical, you should always consider the budget and the functionality of the feature.

Sure, maybe you’ve always wanted an in-ground pool or a big fireplace, but if the endeavor costs a lot of both money and time, and it’s just going to be a sort of ornament of your home – then invest in decoration and the rest of the money (and time) spend on an element you’re going to either use, or it’s going to have a purpose.

Here are 7 features that not only express functionality in your home but are also worth every penny.


Energy-Efficient Windows

Frankly, any new or repaired window is a cost-saving benefit, because stopping drafts increase energy efficiency and, in the long run, it brings a reduction in utility bills.

Going even further, you can invest in some of the energy-efficient models that, besides keeping 60-90% of energy within your walls, give you the option to qualify for additional credits from your state, and receive a green energy tax credit of 10% for this kind of upgrade. Check what your state claims about Energy-Star and if there’s a possibility for a discount and reduction of the cost.



For many an unnecessary feature, or believed to be expensive or taking too much space. If you live in the northern hemisphere, owning your own sauna means easy access to stress relief and physical relaxation, not to mention that it would be your private space that you can choose who to share it with.

There are many options, depending on the size, choice of wood, heating system, accessories, and customizations. All you need to do is to choose the one that fits you and your family the best and enjoy a private spa and detox, for very little maintenance.



Having an in-ground pool depends mostly on where you live if you plan to stay in your home for several years, and the honesty of how often you are going to use it. It is going to be full of maintenance and significant operating costs.

But there are temporary pools you can consider purchasing. These pools are not exclusively inflatable, but there are many options you can choose from – different sizes, depths, with or without water filters… whichever you opt for, you will get a pool but with easier upkeep, that you can put away when you don’t need it.



Having a garage can mean a whole world, especially nowadays when the streets are crowded with cars. If possible, invest in home renovation and make a built-in garage, or buy a garage spot in parking areas.

It will enhance the quality of your life immeasurable, and you can always use it as a storage space at the same time.


Outdoor Sitting Area

If you have a big backyard, it would be a pity (and it could affect the price of your home on the market) if you don’t have a designated sitting area. Add to it some patio, design furniture, some greenery, and the first time you, family and friends, sit there – you will understand why it was worth every buck.

On the other hand, if you don’t have a big garden, or if you live in an apartment, you can easily add a smaller deck or a garden set on your terrace.


Receding Lightning

One more of the “extras” that you will be both astounded and grateful for when added. This option of controlling the brightness in the room is not only going to make that room look brighter, more beautiful, and more expensive, but it can also cut costs if you choose more dimmed lights.

If you’re not sure where to install them first – they work magic in the hallways, kitchen, and living room.


Laundry Room

Upgrading your home and adding a laundry room means pure functionality. If you don’t have one, consider turning one of the smaller rooms into one, or add some plaster walls and make one.

The laundry room doesn’t necessarily need to be only that – you can make it into a storage room as well – where you can put all the toiletries, cleaning agencies, and chemical products. You can genuinely accomplish this with very little money and produce extra practical space.

Some of the features you can simply buy, order or have somebody make it for you, but some you can easily make and provide yourself. It is only important to think about how those things will improve your wellbeing and everyday life, as then they are worth spending time and money on.