You’ve built a gorgeous home out of high-quality materials and are almost ready to list it. Now, all you need to do is add some finishing touches. Regardless of your personal style, there are quite a few additions you might make to transform the home, increase its value and entice buyers.


1. Put In a Fireplace

Fireplaces can add instant charm to practically any home, making them the perfect finishing touch for homeowners who value a natural, warm setting. In addition to its aesthetic appeal, this feature can also provide energy independence, lower gas bills and even alternative methods of cooking. Both gas and wood fireplaces can increase home value as well, so they’re an attractive selling point for many.


2. Lay Down Tiling

Transform a mediocre bathroom or kitchen into a more luxurious space with tiling. Tile floors, walls and even counters with a variety of colors and materials. Of course, it’s ultimately up to the homeowner to choose the type of tiling. However, it’s your job to inform them of its durability. You might also recommend trending materials or patterns to suit specific rooms. 


3. Add a Pool

If you’re building a home in a warmer climate, adding a pool is a surefire way to transform the property and attract buyers. Choose a classic style pool to create a Mediterranean look or a modern pool with extravagant features like fountains, jets and an adjacent outdoor shower. Meanwhile, Northern folks will likely enjoy indoor pools of various shapes, sizes and styles. Choose inground pools as often as your budget will allow to boost value and ensure longevity.


4. Install Solar Panels

For the average American homeowner, sustainability is more than a buzzword; it’s a way of life. Now, 46% of them are seriously considering adding solar panels to their home, and builders must be ready to oblige. While installing this green energy alternative may be a more costly investment, doing so will attract more eco-conscious buyers who are willing to pay a bit more for a home with potential energy savings.


5. Build a Walk-In Closet

Depending on where you’re next project is, adding a walk-in closet can be an excellent finishing touch. For instance, if you’re building a home in a high-income area or working on lofts in a big city, a walk-in may be a huge selling point for buyers. Add shelves, cabinets and an island if space allows to really impress potential homeowners.


6. Add Moldings and Trim

Decorative trim and moldings can completely transform your home with minimal effort. Plus, these last-minute flourishes can be a major selling point for buyers who appreciate little details and a more classic look. Add fluted casing molding around window frames and picture-frame molding to the walls to instantly transform the home with an oldworld upgrade.


7. Assemble Built-Ins

If you’re looking to add a more rustic modern finishing touch to your home, consider assembling and installing built-ins. These simple wall features are a brilliant way to add value and attract buyers. Add drawers and cabinets to the bottom half and incorporate knobs and pulls to create a more sophisticated look. Consider adjustable shelving configurations or a wall of bookshelf built-ins to divide rooms, too.


Infusing Trends with Creativity

While you should incorporate current design trends throughout your home, the finishing touches do leave a bit of room for creativity. Put your own spin on crown molding or choose bold, colorful tiling. As long as your creation complements the rest of the house, you should have little trouble selling it.