Posted on 1st December 2020

6 Tips for Improving Your Construction Site Security

construction site

During a construction project, everything is all over the place. It doesn’t matter how well managed and organized your construction process is; keeping your construction site security is always challenging. It is crucial for any construction project manager to take strict security measures to ensure that no one messes with the construction equipment or supplies during off-work hours. Construction sites are an easy target for vandals, trespassers, and thieves, and it is important for a construction team to keep them as far away as possible. In this article, I have mentioned a few useful tips that can help you improve your construction site security. Let’s take a look:


Create a Security Plan

If you want to secure your place, you will first have to develop a security plan. Having a security plan even before starting the construction can help you keep the trespassers at bay. Create a map of the site and highlight the areas that are sensitive. Once you have identified the weak points, you will be able to strategize accordingly. If you are working on a large-scale project, then it is advised that you hire a construction site security company instead of taking security matters into your own hand. They will take care of everything security-related, and you can focus entirely on the construction project.


Secure the Perimeter

You will not be able to protect anything if you haven’t decided what specific area you are protecting. It is important that you create a perimeter around the construction site and, if possible, put fences to make the boundary clear. This way, all your construction equipment, tools, and supplies will be placed in a safe place, and you wouldn’t have to worry much about it. Putting barriers or walls around the boundary will also discourage trespassers and thieves from entering the construction site.


Lights Are Helpful

Most construction companies work in the daylight and need strict security during the dark of the night. Protecting your construction materials in the dark of the night is never easy, but you can make a huge difference by doing small things like installing lights. If you install a few bright lights around your construction site and leave them on throughout the night, it will be less likely to attract any trespassers or vandals. They refrain from entering a well-lit property because of the fear of getting caught. So, if you are keeping your equipment in the dark at night, it is time you install some lights.


Surveillance System

Another way of securing your construction site is to install a surveillance system on the site. This will allow you to keep a watch on your site 24×7 without any inconvenience. If someone enters the premises unauthorized, you can be alerted quickly and can take immediate action by calling the authorities. Also, if someone does steal something from your construction site, you can catch that on CCTV cameras, which will make it easier for you to catch the culprit. It is recommended that you hire a professional surveillance company to install these cameras the right way.


Hire Security Guards

Hiring a few security officers to keep an eye on your construction site is still one of the most effective ways of securing a construction site. Those guards will patrol your construction site at night and ensure that no one enters your premises without any authorization. Security officers not only deal with trespassers, but they are trained to deal with thieves as well.  Apart from that, if you have installed a surveillance system, you will need someone to monitor the cameras, and security guards can do that for you. It is the old-school way of securing a perimeter and is still very effective.


Schedule Deliveries Smartly

If you schedule your delivery wisely, you would not have to worry about any material lying around. Most construction companies schedule the deliveries two or three days prior, which is not necessary at all. The longer your materials stay out there in the open, the more likely they are to be stolen. So it is recommended that you schedule your deliveries timely and only deliver the amount that is needed for that particular day. This will make it easier for you to protect your equipment and materials.