Posted on 16th February 2023

6 Industrial Uses For Rubber And Rubber Products

Industrial materials come in many shapes and sizes. Understanding them can make working in factories and plants much easier. One material that has a lot of value industrially and domestically is rubber, which unknown to most is actually derived from natural sources. If you are planning on finding industrial work or are just interested in the materials used, acquainting yourself with this particular material is something that’s worth doing. It holds a lot of promise industrially which is why more and more companies are starting to use it.

Here is everything you need to know about rubber:

Pipe Fittings

In plumbing, rubber is used as a material to stick pipes together. Typically a rubber gasket is used for this. Fixing pipes to each other is an essential part of working with them. If pipes cannot be connected, then water connections cannot run. If you are planning on working on your property’s plumbing then it is essential that you invest in the highest-quality fittings that you can. Not all fittings are equal; some are much better than others. Ensure you are working with industrial-grade rubber, made by a company with a good reputation. 

Before undertaking any plumbing repairs at home it is essential that you take time, do your research, and learn exactly what you’re supposed to do –performing repairs independently can be a bad idea if you do not know what you are doing.

Gardening Applications

If you have a backyard then you will know that rubber is used to make hosepipes. If hosepipes were made from anything else, they would not be nearly as effective as rubber ones. As rubber comes in many different shapes and sizes, so too do hosepipes. You can buy thick, thin, long, and short ones. If you are planning on buying a new hosepipe for your garden spend some time shopping around and trying to get the best rubber you can. Buying the highest-quality hosepipe you can afford to will save you money, as in the future you will never have to buy another.

Automobile Production

In the production of automobiles, rubber is used for tires. Tires are without a doubt the most important component of a vehicle. In theory, as long as a car had chassis and tires, it could be used, even if it was just towed along by a horse. Tires are arguably more important than the engine. Cars cannot drive unless they have rubber tires on them. The type of rubber that is used in tires is very strong, durable, and reinforced with steel plates to ensure that it does not split or break during use.

Matting and Flooring

The material is also used to produce mats and flooring pads. If you have ever been to the gym before then you will be familiar with this kind of flooring. The material is used for floors of this kind because it is bouncy and highly durable, meaning if people drop weights or fall over, the floor absorbs the shock and provides padding, preventing equipment and people’s bodies from being damaged. It is also sometimes used to create laminate flooring, which like gym matting, is highly durable and great at absorbing shocks.

Medical Accessories

As you probably already know, the use of personal protective equipment is mandated in most hospitals and doctors’ surgeries. Studies suggest that wearing masks and gloves can help to protect people from transmitting or picking up viruses. The vast majority of medical-grade gloves are made out of rubber, as it is waterproof and provides great protection to the skin. The strings used in masks to fix them to people’s ears tend more often than not to be made out of this material as well. It is sometimes even used in earplugs, as doctors performing surgery sometimes wear them to prevent themselves from reacting suddenly to loud noises.

Insulating Materials

Insulation has never been more relevant. The ongoing cost of living crisis is making heating people’s homes more difficult than ever before. The average person is struggling to keep their house warm. Insulation, therefore, is a great investment if you can afford it. Getting new insulation will help you to keep your house warm in the winter and cold in the summer. Rubber is a material that is commonly used to insulate buildings. It is also used in the production of shoes and blankets because it is an effective insulator and keeps wearers warm and comfortable.

Out of all of the world’s industrial products and materials, the one referenced here is undoubtedly the most versatile and popular. It can be used for just about anything. Other than the points made here, it is also used for a multitude of domestic things.