Glass has become one of today’s most popular materials for building homes, offices, and any other structure. It is also used as a decorative feature for furniture, lighting fixtures, or sculptures. The versatility of this material allows you to use it creatively within your home. Here are four examples of how you can use glass in a modern house.


Glass doors

If you want to simultaneously add privacy and light to your living room, replace your solid wooden door with a glass one. If this is not workable, try installing frosted glass instead. If you find good architectural glass experts, having glass designs for your doors and other parts of your house will be easy. These professionals can help with types of glasses that will suit your needs. 

In a modern home, glass doors are used as sliding doors and swing doors for convenience. If you need a place to store things or a play area for your kids, try replacing solid wooden cupboards with glass ones instead. Glass cupboards allow light to pass through, thus creating an illusion of space.


Glass tables

Glass is not only used to make doors and windows; it’s also used for glass tables, desks, dressing tables, chairs, stools. We can make it out of glass. The modern house will do so.

Glass has an elegant look that adds sophistication to any modern house. It can be clear or colored for your tastes. Glass tables are not only great if you have an enormous television set; they also look great if you often work from home because glass allows light to come in.

The clear glass table is also easy to clean, although it will require some cleaning. That’s a small price to pay for something that looks gorgeous! Still, if you are worried about the higher cost of buying an elegant glass table, you can always make one by yourself.


Glass walls on the outside

Glass walls are a unique way of adding style to your home. You can place walls made of glass on the outside or inside. You can use them in your living room, dining room, or kitchen for more privacy at home.

You can place walls made of glass on the outside of your home, but you will need to be careful about what views they offer. For example, if you’re afraid that someone may look into your rooms, this is not for you. If, however, you don’t mind who has eyes on your living room, then glass walls are perfect for you.

Glass walls in a modern kitchen are the style. You can use them on an island or simply as your backsplash to place any exciting plates on display. If you want some privacy there, all you have to do is install frosted glass since they’re see-through but not too transparent, so it will keep the room private at the same time.


Use glass shower doors

Glass shower doors are becoming more popular day by day. While this is not a new invention, it is relatively new to many people. Glass shower doors are simple in their concept – that of clear glass on the door of your shower. Those who have them are raving about the look, feel, and how easy they are to clean.

All you need to do is get a door that is made out of glass and be done with it. You can use them in your bathroom or even at the entrance to your house. You do not have to worry about water damage because these are meant to take an occasional splash or two.

This is one way in which you can make your house more beautiful. When you combine glass shower doors with other modern features like LED lighting, you will see an immediate difference in the look and feel of your project.


Use glass for bedroom or kitchen cabinets

Another idea for putting in glass in your home is by placing it on kitchen cabinets or even covering them completely with glass. This can be a very nice touch and makes the kitchen look more open and modern. It is also quite functional- you’ll always be able to see what’s available and what needs to be replaced. For the bedroom, you can do the same by replacing your old doors with sliding glass doors, getting a glass shelf or cabinet. This way, it will create more space and make everything look brighter.


Glass tiles

Glass tiles are a fantastic way to add color and texture to a modern home. New or restored, wood floors can be incredibly comfortable, but they require more care and maintenance compared to other hard surfaces such as ceramic and porcelain tile. If you live in a colder climate as I do, they can be cold also! Adding glass tiles to the floor creates a significant design feature that will let color shine through your home while still being easy to care for.


Today, more than ever, people are incorporating glass into their homes. We can do this in big ways, like adding a wall of windows or decorating the exterior with modern fencing and railings. Or it can be used in more minor ways like using frosted glass shelves or hanging transparent lights. The possibilities of making your look modern and bright are truly endless when you can explore some of the glass ideas shared above.