Posted on 23rd June 2022

5 Reasons to Install Window Shrouds In Your Home

Window Shrouds

The construction industry is ever-growing, with architects and engineers developing innovative ways to bring about efficiency and convenience in your home. One of these innovations is the window shroud. A window shroud is an element fixed on windows to serve various purposes.

Read on to find out these uses and understand why you need them in your home. 


1. For Sun Shading

Most people enjoy the warmth of the sun on their skin. However, too much sunlight can prevent you from enjoying a book you’re reading or watching your favourite TV show. In extreme cases, it may cause skin cancer. 

Window shrouds help counter the excessive impact of the sun. Fitted around your window frame, shrouds protrude outwards at a distance. The extended parts will prevent direct rays from hitting your window. Therefore, you’ll be able to enjoy just the right amount of sunlight in your home. You won’t experience glare as you read or watch TV.

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2. For Privacy

Most windows in your home tend to be transparent, hence providing not a lot of privacy. Anyone outside can see whatever you’re doing indoors. Privacy often becomes an issue if you live in a two-storey house, where your bedrooms occupy the top floors.

Installing window shrouds on your top-floor windows will enhance the privacy of your home. The protrusion will prevent a direct view into your room from above, below, and the sides. You’ll enjoy the comfort of your bedroom without worrying about who’s seeing what. 


3. For Aesthetic Purposes

Most homeowners want their homes to stand out for aesthetic reasons, whether outside or inside. Some will adopt beautiful exterior designs to enhance the looks of their homes, including setting up a beautiful garden or well-manicured lawn. As a homeowner, you can also adopt window shrouds to enhance the outdoor aesthetics of your home.

During production, most manufacturers add a powder coating to the surface of the window shroud to enhance its features, such as making it more resistant to corrosion. But the aesthetic aspect lies with the powder coating. The coatings come in various colours. You can choose one that you particularly like or that goes hand in hand with your home’s theme. It’ll be a way of bringing your indoors outdoors.


4. For Protection Against Harsh Weather Elements

Although windows serve a great purpose in your home, they can also wreak havoc in some situations. Suppose there’s a heavy downpour that lasts for hours. There’s a high probability of rainwater leaking through your windows into your indoor space, especially if the window sealant is compromised. You’ll have to start worrying about the longevity of your interior wall finishes due to water exposure. 

Window shrouds can assist you in minimizing the damage caused by harsh weather. The protruding part will prevent rainwater’s direct contact with your windows. As a result, rainwater will fall on the extension, trickling down the shroud’s surface and into the ground. Minimal or no water will find its way into your indoor space.


5. To Reduce Energy Bills

Homeowners naturally want to reduce their expenses as much as possible. One of the most significant expenses in the home is the energy bill. It’s an unavoidable expense as most homes utilize electricity to operate essential appliances from the fridge to the heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system.

You might not have guessed it, but installing window shrouds can help reduce your energy expenses by making your home more energy-efficient. 

Since window shrouds deflect the excessive heat of the sun, your rooms will not be as hot and stuffy as they would be without them. In essence, they reduce heat transfer or the heat from outside that gets inside your home, especially in summer. This means your air conditioning (AC) system will not have to work harder to keep your space comfortably cool. 

Without window shrouds to prevent direct sunlight from hitting your windows, you’ll experience intense heat in your home. And your AC will have difficulty cooling your space because of the high heat transfer, resulting in increased energy consumption. However, with window shrouds, you reduce your energy bills.



As an architectural innovation, window shrouds provide protection against the elements and enhance your home’s energy efficiency, privacy, and visual appeal. On account of these benefits, window shrouds may be worth the investment. This information can help you decide whether to adopt this technology. Whichever decision you make, ensure it’s the right one.