Posted on 2nd August 2022

5 Myths About an International Moving Company Debunked

Movers loading a sofa into a van

So, you have decided to move abroad. You are happy but also overwhelmed and worried looking at the list of things to do for relocation. And the mother of all problems…packing things! You are sitting on the floor, all surrounded by packing stuff, but you don’t know where to start. Then you also have children to take care of.

Someone inside you whispers to hire international relocators, but you become deaf to these whispers because all the myths you have heard about moving companies are louder than you wish. Now you feel lost because you are clueless about how to solve this situation. Don’t worry; this blog will relieve your headache.

Moving is definitely stressful work and can also drain your mind. On top of that, fear of messing up things can leave anyone flustered. That’s why people hire USA international movers for moving abroad because they can handle half of your headaches from packing, loading, shipping, receiving, and unloading to setting your stuff. However, unfortunately, some myths about international moving companies might stop you from hiring them. That\’s why in this article, we will debunk some myths so that you can decide without any fake news.

Here are a few myths about international relocators that you should stop believing in:


Hiring Movers Means Breaking Your Things

Yes, accidents can happen during the moving process because it involves fragile, heavy, and all other types of items. So, there is a risk of drag, drop, and wear and tear during loading and unloading. However, hiring international movers means minimizing the possibility of such accidents. They have years of experience in packing and loading items. So, they know how to pack and load items carefully. Sometimes, they can also damage your items, but it’s much less possible than if you handle these items.


Movers Rip You Off Money

Yes, international relocation is expensive. Yes, international relocators charge you some money. But imagine all the work they do. Besides heavy lifting, they also take care of shipment, laws, and many other things you might even not know about. So, hiring an international moving business is cheaper than doing all this yourself.

You might have to buy equipment and material that will take a huge chunk of the budget. On the other hand, the moving company already has these things; they just have to come and take care of all the matters. If you do some mathematics, you will find that hiring a relocation company is cheaper than trying your DIY skills.


All Companies are the Same

Every company called a moving company is unlike other similar companies. All companies are different in terms of their experience, reputation, work ethics, customer service, pricing, packages, value-added services, and a lot more. So, if you have heard of someone’s bad experience, it doesn’t mean all other companies are bad too. It is just that the other party didn’t pick their company carefully.


Moving Insurance Covers All Damages

Another myth about moving companies is that they cover all the expenses related to any damage. This is not true mostly. They cover partial expenses in case of any loss or damage. However, if you want full coverage, you can check their policies in advance and ask for any solution to avoid any miscommunication and unhappy experience.


They Won’t Provide Any Material

Nope, this is not true. The world is cruel and very mean. They don’t offer any favour. This might be true one way but not for the moving company. International movers bring along sturdy boxes and other stuff to pack your goods properly so that they don’t rip apart in the middle. In fact, that is the reason they don’t ask you to arrange boxes. Your arranged boxes would be of thin material that wouldn’t be able to handle the burden. Therefore, they bring boxes along for proper packing. You don’t need to worry about it.



So, there you got an in-depth knowledge of the actual side of a moving company rather than the one portrayed by some gossip mongers. We have busted all major myths. However, if we left any myth behind and you want to share with us, comment below, and we will be happy to advance our knowledge. Happy moving, folks!