Most homeowners spend a lot of time and resources to perfect their home’s interior design but don’t give enough attention to the exterior design. While it’s inappropriate to mismatch design styles when revamping your home, choosing the right design elements can enhance your curb appeal and improve your home’s value. The following design elements can spruce up the exterior appearance of your property.

1.      Roof Replacement

The roof is a prominent feature in your home, and while roof durability is a critical factor, aesthetic appearance also matters. Your roofing material and profile can add to or degrade the overall curb appeal of your home, so making the right choice is vital.

Concrete roof tiles provide a powerful visual appeal and safeguard your house against harsh weather elements. While dark-toned flat tiles are popular in contemporary, colonial, and farmhouse architecture designs, barrel tiles are timeless and ideal for Spanish and Mediterranean designs.

If replacing an inappropriate roof doesn’t make economic sense, it’s possible to disguise the defects with a steep-pitched roof or a parapet wall. However, ensure to use the same materials on the exterior wall when installing the parapet wall.

2.      Mixed Materials to Add Texture

Mixing different materials creates visual texture, giving your home a bold aesthetic character. Also, different textures highlight the unique architectural features in your home, and you can incorporate the effects by using unique fascia and siding options.

While brick and stone materials increase curb appeal, they can add texture and depth. For instance, light-coloured stone accents complement dark shades to create a sleek, contemporary look. Similarly, textured fibre cement is a durable option, ideal for contemporary homes for an eye-catching finish.

Natural wood is a trendy material for accent siding and exterior cladding, and most homeowners prefer different wood species, including pine, cypress, fir, and cedar. Besides introducing layered texture and visual interest, natural wood eliminates the monotony of bland facades.

In addition, metal elements like copper and bronze can help you achieve a spectacular exterior texture. And while metal is a popular roofing option, homeowners incorporate metallic gutters to contrast the soft siding and give the property a modern touch.

3.      Unique Outdoor Living Spaces and Exterior Lighting

When installing exterior lighting in your home, choose options that bring out all the unique features of your property and create a welcoming and comfortable ambiance. The perfect lighting fixtures can significantly increase your home’s curb appeal and enhance overall safety.

You can choose different exterior lighting fixtures, including path, string, free-standing lights and lanterns. In addition, coloured lighting can brighten your pathways and outdoor living spaces. If sustainability is a top priority, choose low voltage LED deck lights that are durable and don’t consume much energy.

Integrated outdoor living spaces are a great way of enhancing your home’s exterior design. Most modern homes incorporate a robust outdoor area that facilitates different activities. The most practical outdoor living areas include decks, patios, pergolas, gazebos, and porches. The outdoor space should have a similar style to your indoor living areas, so make sure to maintain uniform colour shades, textures, and furniture design.

4.      Landscaping and Flowers

Landscaping frames your home, and having a well-maintained yard is essential in making your home stand out. You can start by planting a few trees, depending on the available space, to create a sufficient cover for flower undergrowth. However, different tree species create a vegetative variety, giving your exterior space a sophisticated design. Flowering trees add amazing beauty during spring, and fruiting species can offer delicious treats.

However, it’s important to consult the local department to ensure you are not planting invasive species that can harm the environment. Before you choose your flowers, do your research and determine which species thrive in your area, and nurseries offer reliable recommendations for the perfect garden. You can also add flowers and herbs to your window boxes to create an impressive visual appeal that compliments the ground vegetation.

5.      Window and Door Decorations

Decorating your windows can add a charming effect and change the home’s appearance. Windows play a significant role in the look and feel of your home, and while exterior window trim seems like a small detail, it can make a huge difference. In a nutshell, windows can alter your home’s personality, especially when it’s congruent with your overall design scheme.

You can replace or change the size and shape of your windows if your property has permitted development rights. However, it’s important to be careful when choosing windows for a dated home if you want to maintain its style. Metal-framed windows can be ideal if you want to give your home a complete facelift.

Your front door is the focal point of your property’s exterior design. It’s often the first thing your visitors notice when entering your home, allowing you to make a bold design statement. Whether you’re installing a new front door or refurbishing an old one, it’s an easy opportunity to improve the overall exterior design. Typically, light colour shades or neutral colours with unique architectural designs give you the best opportunity to make your home stand out.


Your exterior home design should be as charming as your interior décor. Contemporary styling materials, landscaping, and exterior lighting with low voltage LED deck lights can create a beautiful visual appeal that highlights your home’s overall design.

However, exterior elements can vary based on the overall architectural design and your lifestyle. And while implementing a breath-taking exterior design can be challenging due to the various elements that must work in tandem, good planning can ensure the best results.