Are you considering converting your garage into a functional living space but not sure which direction to go in? There are so many brilliant ideas out there for converting a garage. From a home gym to a working home office, you have a range of options to improve and extend your current living space. Plus, a successful garage conversion can add a considerable amount of value to your home. So, it’s definitely a job worth thinking about.

Below, property and construction expert Thomas Goodman at has teamed up with several home design experts to create this list of five brilliant garage conversion ideas. So, if you’re considering taking the plunge and opting for a garage conversion, take a look at these ideas to see if they can spark some inspiration for your project.


Create a Home Office

First on our list is turning your garage space into a working home office. “Given the recent shift towards remote working, a home office can provide a quiet space separate from the main house,” says Mike Millerson, founder of Survive Nature. By having this separate space, you can be certain that you can get on with all of your work duties with minimal distractions.

Amelia Thompson, interiors expert at, also agrees, “With more people working from home, creating a quiet and well-organised workspace is more important than ever. Your garage can be just the spot. Think about installing bespoke storage solutions, adequate lighting, and appropriate insulation to make the place comfortable year-round.”

If you’re planning on creating an office in your garage conversion, you will need to install proper flooring and ensure that the space is decorated appropriately. Try to avoid clutter and invest in some smart storage solutions for all of your work items. It’s best to choose neutral colours for the décor to help minimise distractions. It’s also worth adding a few decorative elements, such as live plants, to help improve the space overall. Insulation is also key, as you’ll need to make sure the space isn’t too cold and that it is comfortable enough to spend a lot of time in.


Turn It Into a Playroom For Children

“Another possibility is a playroom for children, providing a designated space for toys and activities”, says George Alvarez, owner of Expert Epoxy Flooring. A playroom can provide your children with a sense of freedom as they have their own space for doing whatever they want. It’s also a great way to ensure toys and games don’t end up cluttering up the rest of your living space.

If you’re planning on creating a playroom, you must make sure there is plenty of insulation to keep the room warm enough for playing throughout the year. It’s also a good idea to choose soft flooring, such as carpeting, to ensure the safety of your children. When it comes to the décor, think bright, colourful and fun. You could even ask for your children’s input when it comes to choosing decorative colours and accents since they will be the ones who will be spending the most time in the room.


Create a Personalised Home Gym

“What if you transformed your garage into a personalised home gym?” asks Kurt Peterson, founder of “In the current scenario where remote work is prevalent, and the cost of living keeps rising, having a gym right in your garage not only offers the flexibility to exercise at your convenience but also helps you save on expensive gym memberships, fuel costs, and vehicle usage” Peterson explains.

When creating a home gym, it’s best to opt for a harder floor, such as vinyl flooring or wood flooring. This will allow you to work out properly and will also provide a stable base for your gym equipment. Fill your personalised home gym with all of your favourite workout accessories. Whether it’s a treadmill, a cross trainer, or a variety of weights, choose things that you know you will get a lot of use out of.

It’s also a good idea to think about mirrors if you’re creating a home gym. Mirrors tend to be a prevalent feature in many gyms, and they come in very handy for tracking your progress and making sure you are in the right form when working out. Consider installing some floor-to-ceiling mirrors to create a more authentic gym feeling.


Add an Extravagant Home Cinema

If you’re stuck for things to do with the extra space after a garage conversion, a home cinema is a brilliant idea. “You don’t have to use an expensive sound system to hook the place up. An HQ projector with a good quality projector screen in the converted garage, bean bag chairs, oversized floor cushions, comfy sofa fittings, pillows galore, and some amplifiers or speakers are all the magic you’ll need” explains Yuxuan Fong, interior expert at

If you’re building a home cinema, one of the most important things to think about is soundproofing. Adding soundproofing to the room will allow you to play your favourite movies as loud as possible. This is a plus if you have a booming surround sound system.

Darkness is essential for creating a cinema atmosphere, so consider investing in some blackout curtains or blinds for the windows. Dimmable LED lights can also come in handy. When decorating your home cinema, consider hanging up some posters from your favourite movies. You could even go a step further and create a snack table fit with a popcorn machine, candy floss maker, and slushy maker. Also, a mini fridge is a must if you want to have ice-cold drinks on hand throughout the movie.


Put in a Guest Bedroom

Finally, on our list, we have a guest bedroom. Guest bedrooms are extremely handy. “Convert your garage into a guest room or additional bedroom to accommodate guests or a growing family”, suggests Brendan Anderson, founder of Brix Systems. Guest bedrooms are pretty easy to create and maintain, so they’re a great option for a garage conversion.

“Insulate the walls and ceiling to maintain a comfortable temperature throughout the year. Add a comfortable bed, side tables, and adequate storage for guests’ belongings,” Anderson suggests.

When it comes to decorating the room, it’s best to stick to neutral colours that will suit everyone. Whites, creams, and pastel shades will provide comfort without being too overpowering. Pair these neutral shades with some aesthetically pleasing accents. Add some comfortable bedding in a matching colour and provide some handy storage solutions to prevent the room from becoming cluttered when guests come to stay.


Final Thoughts

As you can see, there are many things you can do with a garage conversion. Here, we have provided some of the best ideas. However, you are not limited to just these. Converting a garage is a great way to add some additional living space to your home and can also add a considerable amount of value to your home, so it’s definitely a job worth considering. As far as what you do with the room goes, that’s up to you.