If there’s one room we are dependent upon at home, it’s the bathroom. We use it first and last thing, and many times in between. It’s a place that needs to be very practical for our needs, yet we also want it to look nice. It’s never a good feeling when there is clutter everywhere or there are cabinets with broken handles. Taps may be dripping, or the toilet seat has become loose.

Everyone wants their bathroom to be comfortable. Things shouldn’t be difficult to access or hard to clean. It can be frustrating when things are in the wrong place or the space is too cramped. Fortunately, there are things we can do to improve our bathrooms, and we will now discuss four of them.


1.  Assess Your Windows

Perhaps you have wooden windows with rotting frames or have UPVC products that are getting old. The glass may be chipped, or the seals may have broken. When the latter happens, the cold air will be able to get in when you least want it.

Many people have shutters in their bathrooms. They can provide extra insulation and help regulate the airflow. They also add privacy to a room and can be wiped dry. People who want an easy-to-clean bathroom window often search the internet for downloadable brochures about shutters. They want louvres they can tilt, so they can adjust the room lighting.  Folk often request free home surveys and want made to measure products.


2.  Revamp Your Storage

Many people introduce stylish baskets into their bathrooms to stop things lying around. They can hold the dirty washing or contain clean towels. There may be some units that are in the wrong place or which stick out too far. If you decide to replace your sink, choose one with a built-in cabinet. This will use up space underneath, and make life easier for you. You’ll be able to store such things as cleaning materials and toiletries here.


It may be that you have some unused wall space you could utilise. Consider adding a wall unit or some shelving. The latter may make life easier for you when you need to reach for a bottle of shampoo. It could also hold attractive ornaments. Alternatively, put some flowers on the shelves. Research shows they can help people to relax. Many species can cope with the high humidity found in bathrooms. Take a look at such plants like ferns, begonias, croton, orchids or peace lilies.


3.  Consider Buying A New Shower

You may have a bath that would benefit from having a hand shower installed next to it. This would make life easier for you when washing and rinsing your hair. If you are pushed for space in the bathroom, why not remove the bath and use the shower only?

Many elderly people or those with mobility issues have Walk-in showers because they are very comfortable to use – They’re easier to get in and out of than baths, and there are no curbs to step over. They are more spacious than regular showers, and there is an incorporated drying area too. They are good at maximising the space, especially where the room has low eaves.

It may also be worth considering a new shower head if you want some additional comfort. Check out the products that aerate the water or provide a gentle massage while you shower. Some units provide all-round body showers for an unforgettable experience.


4.  Go For A Complete Renovation

Whilst this is the most expensive choice, it would give you the most options. If the room was gutted you’d have a clean canvas. Perhaps things could be moved to free up some floor space. A corner bath or L-shaped version may be perfect for the design of your room. Such options are as aesthetically pleasing as they are practical.

If an electric socket need to be relocated or the plumbing is altered, this would be the time. You would be able to choose what goes where and to have the units and cabinets custom fitted. If you opted for a smart heating system you would be able to adjust the bathroom temperature by using an app on your smartphone.

As we have seen, there are many ways to make life easier in the bathroom. Our options range from buying a new showerhead to starting from scratch. Once the changes have been made it will be a more pleasurable experience using the bathroom, and everyone will enjoy the benefits.