Home improvement is exciting until you sit down with a calculator and see the damage it’ll do to your bank balance. This is actually one reason why many people ignore or delay home improvements even when their houses are clearly falling apart.

But, did you know that you can make significant savings by going for reconditioning instead of brand new items? Yes, refurbished equipment can give you the same results you are looking for at a significantly lower price. And guess what? This is only one of many benefits of choosing refurbished equipment over new ones.


Reasons to Use Reconditioned Home Improvement Items

Below is a rundown of four reasons why you ought to use reconditioned items for your next home improvement project:


1. They Are Cost-effective

Home improvement is an expensive endeavor. A seemingly simple project can cost you thousands of dollars in equipment alone. Add labor expenses, and you are looking at a significant bill that could take months to finance.

Reconditioned items can give you the same functionality you need for a fraction of the price of a new product. It’ll serve the intended purpose without any trade-offs whatsoever.


2. They Are Good for the Environment

We hurt our environment every time we rush to buy new products instead of making the most of the ones we already have.

Most of the furniture, electronics, and others items you throw into the bin never make it to the recycling industry. Instead, they end up damaging our oceans and ecosystems.

The new products you buy are made off the exploitation of underpaid labor in developing countries and transported across continents onboard CO2 emitting vessels. This is unethical and bad for our environment and planet. It’s also part of the reason why regulations such as Right To Repair are also coming up.

Buying a reconditioned item extends its lifespan, and if enough people reuse equipment, we will reduce the production and emission of greenhouse gases.


3. They Are Already Proven

How many times have you heard on the news that a company is recalling its products barely months after the official release? This happens a lot, especially in the tech world. The worst part is sometimes the recall will occur after several accidents, or serious issues have been reported. Can you imagine installing an expensive home item only for it to end up damaging your house or, worse, hurting your family?

Reconditioned products have already been on the market, so they are already tried and tested. For instance, when you buy a used stairlift that has been refurbished, you have peace of mind knowing several people have already tested it before you. Therefore, you won’t have to worry about putting the fate of the elderly or disabled members of your family on an untested product. In fact, the best sellers of reconditioned stairlifts and other home improvement items will give you a hassle-free warranty because they know the product is in great shape.


4. The Quality Is Tested

The biggest misconception about refurbished items is that they are of terrible quality. The truth couldn’t be any further from this.

Before a reconditioned product is put up for sale, the manufacturers or refurbishing companies conduct thorough inspections looking at cosmetic and functionality issues. Any identified problems are fixed before the items are inspected once again and resold. It’s a very thorough process that ensures consumers are getting quality and reliable products.

Again, since the reconditioning companies have done all the relevant tests, they have no problem extending warranties to buyers.


Factors to Consider When Choosing Reconditioned Home Improvement Items

●   Return Policy

Sadly, not every company involved in the refurbishment business has the customer’s best interest at heart. Some are only in it for the quick money. For this reason, you should buy a reconditioned product that’s covered with a decent return policy. 90-day policies are standard in many companies, so there is no reason to settle for less.

●   Warranty

You can speculate the reliability of a product by the warranty attached to it. Run away from any item sold to you with an “as is” clause. That’s a vendor trying to cover his liability for a poorly done job.

●   Certification

Finally, check who did the refurbishing work. Ideally, you should buy a product reconditioned by the manufacturer. Unfortunately, this is not always possible. In scenarios where manufacturers are not reconditioning their products, look for a third-party company that’s certified to do so. This way, you’re guaranteed great products that have met all the strict refurbishing regulations.


As you can see, there is so much to gain from using reconditioned items for your home improvement needs. They are good for the environment, tried and tested, and save you lots of money.