The garage is a space that many of us spend time in every day. It’s where we store our cars, do some work on them or have our kids play. But what if your garage needs redoing? What are the best tips to redo your garage? Here are 4 fantastic tips for redoing the garage so you can get started right away!


Get Rid of Clutter and Install Garage Cabinets 

The first thing you have to do before you can even start anything else is to get rid of all clutter. Everyone knows that a clutter-free garage is everyone’s dream so make sure you get rid of anything you don’t use. 

The best way to organize all of your stuff is by installing garage cabinets where you’ll store everything. This way you’ll find it easier to redo your garage and keep things organized. You can then redecorate the walls with paint which will make any space look different within just two days!

If there’s something that doesn’t fit in, sell it or give it away for free if possible so someone else gets to benefit from it. Remember: only items of value should remain here as this is where they belong now! 

Once you have a clutter-free area, you can redo it in any way you want. This is the time to get creative because there are no limits!  


Add Hooks to Hang Your Tools 

Hooks can be your best friend in a garage. They allow you to hang the tools that are too large for small shelves, and they keep them off of the ground. These hooks are also versatile, so you can use them for other tools in the garage.


Hanging your long-handled tools on hooks 

These are great to hang up because they’re very large and often too heavy when placed on a shelf. Hanging these is helpful since it decreases how much space is being taken up by placing them under shelves or along the wall of your garage. Some good places to put these hanging items would be above where you park the car (or will be parking), next to rakes and shovels near an exit door if this area isn’t used frequently, etc.


Multiple Uses for a Hook 

There’s no need to worry about having one tool per hook; using more than one item per hook is always acceptable. In fact, this can help you redo a garage since it allows you to use the hooks for other things as well. For example, having one hook used only on brooms and mops is good so that they don’t take up space on your floor or on shelves by spreading out their handles, but what about using multiple types of tools on each hook? 

This way not all of them have to go above where you park the car (or will be parking) and more shelf room is left open for holding smaller items such as cans of paint or jars of nails.


Sort Items Into Categories 

Once you’ve installed the cabinet, you should sort your items into categories. This will make redoing your garage easier and more efficient. It is important to keep in mind that you should sort by frequency of use, not alphabetically or by type of item. For example, the snow shovel may have a higher priority than the screwdriver because it gets used during each winter season.


Sorting Categories 
  • Frequently Used Items – High Priority 
  • Less Used Items – Medium Priority 
  • Rarely Used Items – Low Priority 


Another way of sorting them is by making groups depending on what they’re used for. Here’s how this goes:

  • Tools 
  • Lawn & Garden Equipment 
  • Sports Gear, Skis, Bikes, and Outdoor Toys 
  • Holiday Decorations, Christmas Trees, etc. 


If you redo your garage in this way, it will be easier to find something when needed. There won’t be any trouble or wasted time when you’re looking for something. 


Create a Work Area 

Everyone needs a work area to redo a garage. It is important to have the right supplies, lighting, and organization for this type of project. Make a designated space where you’ll install your workbench so you can work in peace whenever you want to. 

Make sure it’s close to your storage cabinet so that you can reach all the tools and items you need immediately. This will allow for less back and forth between the redone garage and your tools.

Lighting is also very important when working on this type of project. You’ll want to create a space where you can get strong lighting so that you don’t have any issues seeing what you’re doing or making sure everything’s in place correctly. 

A nice-looking redone garage is a fantastic thing to have at home. It all starts by decluttering. You’ll need cabinets and hooks to store away everything and you should also create a system of sorting your items so that you always know where everything is. Finally, don’t forget about creating a work area where you’ll make the magic happen. Good luck and have fun!