Posted on 22nd February 2023

2023 Flooring Design Ideas for Your Office Remodel

If you are in the process of considering a complete remodelling of your office space, or the office space of a client, one of the most important aspects to look at is that of hiring commercial flooring services to help transform the surfaces of the floor in the office. This can have a magnificent effect in matching up your ambitions to install an aesthetic that sings loudly about the brand, creates a chilled working environment, or any other outcome that you are looking to achieve with the overall remodelling project.

Every year we are exposed to new design trends that involves décor and the furniture within both commercial and domestic settings. When remodelling an office area for a business, this can sometimes be daunting. How are we supposed to choose the right décor to match the office space, the type of work being produced, to match the branding? One of the biggest parts of the process is to get the floor right, and with the help of commercial flooring experts, you could soon be on your way to a great remodelling job that fits the bill.

What are the latest and future trends for commercial flooring?

Be brave with the colour scheme

Colours are everything when it comes to décor. The right colour choice can make all the difference to how you want a space to ‘feel’. Certain areas of a workplace might benefit from a bolder colour scheme that engages with employees and makes them more productive, whilst other areas benefit from calmer, cooler tones that allow for relaxation during breaks (think a cool shade of blue). The flooring in your office can be a part of this process.

Make it comfortable

One of the biggest trends we are seeing with flooring in commercial settings is the desire to create an almost homely, comfortable feel. If you install comfortable and relaxed tones, Scandi-inspired wooden vibes, textures and surfaces that you would expect to see in a domestic setting, you might find that employees are more comfortable, happier in their work, and more likely to be productive as a result.

Open up an area

If the workspace has glassed areas that can make everything feel a little claustrophobic in places, some carefully crafted and installed flooring can make all the difference. With glass walls and partitions a trend all of its own in some ultra-professional settings, such as solicitors, installing diagonal lines on the floor helps to really open up the whole space, creating the illusion of a larger area.

Clearly defined areas

There is a real need to create clearly defined areas of the office. The breakout space should look and feel completely different to where the work is happening and again different from dining areas, or a distinctive feel at reception where clients and suppliers are given their first impression of your brand. As more offices continue the trend of open-plan office styles, the flooring colour becomes more important to differentiate these areas with contrasting colours and textures.

Make a difference

As the floor is such a large surface area, any slight change in design or colour in this arena will have a massive impact on the remodelling of the entire space. A bold design of flooring makes a massive difference, helping you to evoke whatever emotions matter in different areas of the building, to help clear minds focus, to help with relaxation, or to close in or open up the space.

Add patterns

A unique pattern or texture is a trend that many commercial flooring services are offering this year. Chevron patterns and Herringbone are becoming more popular, adding a uniqueness that helps to clearly define the brand of a business, whilst a subtle grey helps to evoke sophistication and a clean edge that speaks of professionalism.

Look to your surroundings

City centre offices are still embracing the trend of the urban look and feel, with the concrete-look commercial floorings and industrial décor all the rage. For office spaces in rural areas there is the desire to connect with the environment around them, looking to the textural wooden effects and more comfortable feel.

Commercial floor installation from expert services is a key part of the puzzle when remodelling any office space. As you can see there are some innovative and cool flooring design ideas in 2023, bringing together the brightest and the best ideas that can transform any office space. You might have come into this thinking you could only do so much with the flooring of an office space, but with expert commercial flooring services, you can see that there are so many possibilities open to you. Whatever your desire, budget, space available, and industry, there is an office floor that speaks volumes for what you want and need. With experts to hand, you’ll have the best advice when choosing the correct floor for your office.