Harminder Chana, co-founder of Pass the Property announces a forthcoming event to showcase the company’s approach to creating luxury serviced accommodation.

“We’re showing investor landlords a means towards tripling their rental incomes by transforming their properties into luxury serviced apartments.”

This involves a forensic level of local knowledge of every location.

“We’ve got a portfolio covering 18 UK cities, including Birmingham, Leeds, Manchester, Liverpool and Cardiff. It’s taking the regeneration ball and running with it, building on that sense of momentum.”

People Always Want The Unique

When it comes to finding accommodation, especially in the corporate sector, increasingly people want more options, to flexibly fit their schedules and lifestyles.

“What the right kind of serviced accommodation offers is affordable luxury that feels unique. At the same time, it means people can plan their schedules much more freely, and feel more relaxed in their accommodation. We’re in an age of mass customisation, where technology and apps enable us to tailor our experiences. Serviced accommodation fits this perfectly.”

“Why settle for the merely ordinary, when you can experience something different that not everyone else will have?”

Who Benefits?

“It’s about finding a niche and taking control of it. Landlords can do this, with our help. The UK’s national and international centres of commerce are more geographically spread out, so we can help landlords capitalise on the strategic location of their investments.”

“We believe we can create a market almost anywhere, as long as the property is well-designed, user-friendly, with a high-end finish.”

A recent case in point has been the Chana brothers’ work on a Georgian property in Salford, recently referred to in the Manchester Evening News (MEN) as Greater Manchester’s poshest Air BnB.

“With our input, working closely with landlords, we can transfer properties into something truly spectacular, helping put them, and their location on the map.”

Average figures across the country reveal the extent to which Pass The Property can boost returns for landlords.

“The average long-term let for a two-bedroom apartment in Manchester is £850. Our figure after fees, is £2200. We have repeated this success in different regions. In Bradford, an average let of £400 can reach £1200; in Cardiff, we’ve taken a property’s lettable value from £625 to £1600. Quite simply, our strategies work.”

The brothers’ formula for success is adaptable to different areas, with varying levels of affluence.

“For a property in Chester, where the average long-term let was £1100, we more than doubled it, to £2700.”

The Personal Touch

The route to success comes from the brothers’ personal commitment to their work.

“My brother Parminder and I understand that to change landlords’ mindsets we must show them the benefits of serviced accommodation. This means being very much personally involved in our projects, understanding the local areas, and the needs of potential customers.”

The Chana brothers know what it takes to find a route to better rental income for landlords.

“ 17th January 2019, we’re hosting a small, invitation-only event at the Georgian House in Salford, to offer an insight into luxury accommodation. We want people to see what our personal approach to serviced accommodation can do in accelerating the earnings of their property investments, while giving them total peace of mind.”

About Pass The Property

Harminder and Parminder Chana started the business as a way of bridging a gap, where hotels were unable to offer a more personalised experience, but where typical serviced accommodation was falling short in the luxury stakes.

The concept behind Pass The Property is that they offer a comprehensive solution, inside and out: from interior design to key management, along with day to day running of the accommodation, and guaranteed rental income.

More than this though, is the idea of elevating serviced accommodation into something that offers a unique, luxury experience, through a network of properties, which stretches across the country, in key urban locations.