Ernest Tsui Architects + Partners specialises in quality high-end residential design for London and the South-East, UK. Recently, we profiled the firm and spoke to Immanuel Gaskin who provided us with a detailed insight into the award-winning services they provide.  

Ernest Tsui Architects + Partners are a Royal Institute of British Architecture (RIBA) Chartered firm who offer a full range of architectural service from inception to completion.

The firm has diverse design disciplines which they draw upon to help them answer their clients’ brief. This includes at least more than 15 years of residential experience alongside infrastructure, transport, interior and automotive design experience in the background. Immanuel begins by going into greater detail about the areas Ernest Tsui Architects + Partners specialises within.

“Here at Ernest Tsui Architects + Partners, we are an architecture and design firm who specialise within the residential sector. Our clients range is from domestic homeowners to overseas’ investors. We are a small firm who draw on not only our core team, of studio based professional designers, but thrive on developing all projects through collaboration with the clients, consultants and contractors. Our client base and collaborative spirit allows us to have a global reach that benefits from a healthy domestic foundation, as well as helping us deliver world class, high-end luxury in budget within the reach of the man in the street.”

When discussing what makes the firm successful, Immanuel is keen to reveal how the team at Ernest Tsui Architects + Partners are able to stay ahead of the game in such a dynamic industry.

“It is simple, because it is in our DNA. We continue to develop the best client focused, innovative, collaborative, ideas, design and architecture business possible. It had been discussed last year that we will be seeking out an even higher standard of craftsmanship, which we now have created alongside cultivating relationships to facilitate this. Also, as our profile has increased, so has our ambition, so we will continue shoring this up, with the best craftsperson out there and this will pay dividend for both us and the clients.”

“Additionally, we prize collaborative work processes, as well as allowing all working styles and thought processes, of every team member, to shape and influence the direction of the companies work. As a team, we all benefit whether we are talking staff welfare, new software, research or even creating a simple report. So primarily, our client base has access to an exceptional set of resources as a result.”

Reflecting on the role staff play in the success of the firm, Immanuel highlights how each member of the team are all working towards achieving the best results for the clients.

“At Ernest Tsui Architects + Partners, our group of professional architects and designers are the key and lifeblood within the creation of a multi-award winning business. The diversity of backgrounds, the attention to detail, the energy and focus on cost effective, high quality, bespoke solutions makes it a pleasure to work in this environment, on a daily basis. Most of all, the client ultimately reaps the benefits.

Looking ahead, Immanuel signs off by envisioning what the future holds for the firm following their success in BUILD’s 2018 BUILD Awards where they were righteously awarded the accolade Architect of the Year: Surrey.

“Outsourcing! How can extra resources help us achieve more day to day and in much more long-term strategy? It is a key thing that we have discovered in an effort to create more time to develop the business and more importantly develop each team members aspirations. Talking through and exploring ways of management that can reduce the cost of construction and create increased quality benchmarks, whilst still allowing creativity to flourish at a value favourable to the client.”

“BUILD bestowed an award on us in 2015 and that has been a keystone in developing an award winning business that aims to excel and exceed for the client, collaborators and team members. Then, we were honoured to receive two for our work in 2016 alongside a clutch of others. We began 2017, once again, on winning ways and would like to thank BUILD for initially giving us both the honour and recognition that we have needed to be inspired to continue producing the best work we can. Here is to continuing our award winning pedigree into the future. Eight independently verified awards in 2018 is a testament to the quality of work produced by the very talented and valued team of Ernest Tsui Architects + Partners.”


Contact Name: Immanuel Gaskin

Company: Ernest Tsui Architects + Partners

Address: 25 Maidenshaw Road



United Kingdom

KT19 8HE

Telephone: 07957 650451