Posted on 29th March 2017

Solutions Over Disciplines

Solutions Over Disciplines

Sophie Green Interior Architecture is an award-winning architecture and interior design practice, based in Brussels and Munich, and are recognised as such as the Interior Designers of the Year, 2016 through BUILD Magazine.

Its multidisciplinary team, comprised of architects, designers and communication experts from an international background with a passion for creating inspiring spaces, works on international commissions including public and private spaces, offices, hospitality, healthcare, boutique hotels, restaurants, retail spaces, fair stands and expositions.

don’t think in disciplines – we think in solutions.’ This is the key motto at the heart of Sophie Green Interior Architecture. Being on-time and on-budget are vital attributes to consider when it comes to delivering a successful project, but this is not enough for Sophie Green; on top of this, perfection to detail, rather than simple attention, and a drive towards maximising sustainable solutions, are just some of the firm’s goals as the team makes every effort to specialize their services turning space into a communication tool, visualising their clients’ identities.

‘We create build relations,’ says the eponymous Sophie Green. A highly-qualified interior architect of GermanAmerican lineage, her appointment to the European Parliament as an ‘Experienced Interior Designer’ lends considerable weight to her knowledge of the industry and her ability to provide clients with the network of highly experienced professionals that they require. ‘I want to, and have proven able to, create spaces that communicate visually and emotionally with its users or visitors. By showcasing brands and identities, and by communicating messages through orchestrated moments of experience, we add deep, meaningful value through the spatial communication of identity, and this results in spaces for people in which to work, live, and simply be.’

Sophie and her firm see their main markets in Germany and Belgium, though they are also open to work elsewhere. As Sophie herself comments, the competition in Germany is diverse and highly specialized, with big offices of identity architects specializing in brand communications lending an additional level of challenge to engaging in business there. In Belgium, meanwhile, the architecture market is still more traditional, less specialized, more open to bespoke identities.

Sophie’s knowledge of the industry, particularly in the vastly different architectural disciplines of these two countries, allows her boil down her observations of current trends to two main points. Firstly, the creation of unique moments between the design space and the customer becomes more and more important, especially as its allows for momentary experiences and, as she puts it, ‘sharable selfie-moments’. Secondly, there is increasing prevalence towards the merging of sectors, to create amalgamated spaces that serve two complimentary purposes; examples of these include home and hospitality, work and home, student and elderly housing, student and hotel, hotel and care, and shop and event. Also, the merging of client interactions co-working and networking in corporate communications as well as user experience is becoming more noticeable.

‘We address these trends by working with an extensive network of engineers, architects, designers and communication experts, so as to allow us to respond in a flexible and cost-effective way to emerging trends and demands.’

In addition, a high level of creativity, supported by a divers multidisciplinary network with an intercultural multi-local background, provides Sophie Green with a tremendous distinguishing factor to separate her interior architectural endeavours from those of her competitors. In particular, providing sustainable and environmentally responsible interior architecture without compromising on aesthetics is a truly futuristic ambition that is not fully embraced by the wider industry, but which offers ample opportunity to make real headway in the creation of visually and emotionally stirring architectural spaces.

‘Green architecture can and should be a thing of beauty,’ Sophie states passionately. ‘We make conscious choices throughout the construction and engineering stages up to the materials and final finishes chosen – of course, we retain our ability to achieve on-time and on-budget delivery, as well as perfection in detail and a maximisation of sustainable solutions. Spaces that communicate visually and emotionally with its users, showcasing brands and identities, are able to communicate messages through these orchestrated moments.’

This philosophy, together with a design process based on research and experimentation, along with the conscious choice of materials and carefully crafted details, allow Sophie Green and her team to create unique and beautiful spaces. It is also true that while attending events and exchanging ideas and concepts with colleagues, visiting fairs and expositions are great ways of gaining a professional insight into the next big trend. In addition, ‘traveling, reading, and being generally curious whilst walking through the world with open eyes is part of our creative process, and helps us to come up with innovative solutions to maintain our success.’
Stepping back to appreciate the natural world is increasingly important as technology and products continue to change rapidly and without apology for those that are left in its way.

‘What remains behind,’ Sophie explains, ‘is the human as a scale – his needs, habits and desires. A brand is nothing without its customers; a company cannot strive if the staff are not happy and do not feel the company’s identity and spirit. We as architects and designers need to embrace innovations to answer the humans needs.’

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