Miguel Arruda Arquitectos Associados is a multidisciplinary design studio developing offering a range of services across the sculpture, design and architecture sectors. Miguel Arruda, Architect of the Year, discusses how the firm aims to create timeless designs which draw on the firm’s vast array of skills.

Offering a multidisciplinary approach, Miguel Arruda Arquitectos Associados has received international recognition for its projects. Miguel outlines the factors which he believes are crucial for the success of any project and how his firm aims to ensure right from the beginning that the outcome of every project will be a success.

‘Here at Miguel Arruda Arquitectos Associados we consider that the final quality of an architectural project to depend on a strong plan, which should be implemented right from the beginning and encompass every aspect of the project. To create this, we conduct an in-depth study of the workplace in order to be able to properly understand their spirit and their physical characteristics.

‘In addition, technologies used throughout a building need to be appropriate to both the program and the physical and geographical characteristics of the project site. Once all of this has been analysed and the plans created we are able to draw on our artistic skills to work around the needs of the client and create a truly spectacular vision.’

Alongside client satisfaction Miguel states that the firm is constantly focused on creating projects which are cohesive and enhance the landscape around them.
‘Our objectives revolve around the integration of our building into the landscape, reinforcing its beauty rather than hindering it. As part of this we always begin our projects by observing the project site, which allows us to collect a set of information that helps us to make a start on the plans for the overall project.

‘From this starting point the project grows through our projective responses to the environment and the emotional attitude we have at the time of creation.

‘The integration of the initial drawing with the threedimensionality of our models constitutes a determining process in the collection of information to enhance our work. Alongside this, our sculptural experience is of special importance in that it allows us to manipulate the volumes with spatial freedom and on the other hand to allow us an extensive experimentation of materials. Our design experience also comes into play here as we are able to integrate the minutest detail into our work and have an eye for the smaller aspects of a building that make a great deal of difference.’

One of the firm’s most successful projects was the Vila Franca de Xira Library. A spacious and light building, the design is open to the public and provides society with a beautiful work of art which will be enjoyed for generations. The result of the firm’s dedicated plan and multidisciplinary approach is a building which meets the needs of both those who commissioned it and those who use it.

Moving forward, Miguel is keen to continue to focus on creating quality projects which will ensure that the firm builds a legacy of excellence.
‘Over the years we have been fortunate enough to work on a diverse range of projects which we always use as our going reference point, seeking to ensure that we adapt and evolve whilst at the same time providing the same high quality work which we have built our reputation on.’

Company: Miguel Arruda Arquitectos Ass. Lda.
Name: Miguel Arruda, Arch.
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Address: Largo da Princesa, 26 – 3º D.to 1400-303 Lisboa, Portugal
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